CBS Sport – the student organization that continues to grow!

When the idea of CBS Sport as an organization started in 2005, it was as an informal brainstorm regarding the campus environment at Copenhagen Business School. Before CBS Sport was even created, the demand for sport activity had already led to the start of a woman’s handball team (CBS Handball), among other teams.

On 30th of March 2006 the results of enthusiasm, drive, networking and creativity paid off, and CBS Sport was founded, and ready to offer students a range of various teams including three football teams (two male and one female), two handball teams (one male and one female), and two basketball teams. A lot has happened in CBS Sport ever since the first small steps. CBS Sport is no longer a small organization with three sports.

Through the years CBS Sport has evolved in becoming the biggest student organization at CBS, with an average of 600 members and more than 60 volunteers, 9 sports, and several sport events for students at CBS.

CBS Sport has throughout the time been able to provide students with student friendly sport activities, not only for our members, but for all students at CBS. Our events such as Campus Relay, Djøf Cup (Street Football Tournament) and the Dodgeball Tournament have all been greatly appreciated by the students, our members, and employees at CBS.

Through the 10 years CBS Sport has been able to put ideas into reality; and that is thanks to our members and volunteers, their constant involvement, their ability to constantly set new goals in the true spirit of sport – all in order to become the best you can be, and have fun while doing it.

CBS Sport has and will continue to be an organization which brings people together across nationality, education, age and gender, in the spirit of sport.

Happy Birthday, CBS Sport – we look forward to the next steps on the journey!

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