CBS Sport Volleyball in Amsterdam!

A part of the competitive CBS Sport Volleyball sent a team to Amsterdam for the SVU International Volleyball Tournament. The team consisted of five guys and two girls, however shortly before leaving for the tournament one of the female players couldn’t leave Denmark due to some visa conflicts caused by the immigration problematics going on at the moment. This meant that the team had to find a female player while being at the tournament, since it is required to have at least two female players on court, when playing mix volley.

Friday the team met up in Amsterdam. Some had spent the day walking around and enjoying the great atmosphere in Amsterdam, while others arrived later in the evening. Arriving at the gym was relaxing and as most of the team was tired, the evening was spent with some drinking, relaxing and trying to find their last player.

Saturday morning the team finally managed to “borrow” one of the local players, who could help out during the Saturday games and the tournament could start for CBS Sport. The games on Saturday left CBS Sport Volleyball undefeated on the first place in their group and feeling quite superior. However, the team had to wait for Sunday to meet no. 2 in their group.

After the games were done on Saturday it was time to get ready for the party. The SVU crew had made a nice dinner in the gym where all the volleyball players ate, drank and talked. After the dinner some games and predrinking went on before all participant were transported into the city for a crazy night out.

Sunday the team had a former CBS Sport Volleyball player living in Amsterdam, who could come and help them out as the second female player. As the Sunday matches would be against no. 2 and 3 in the group, the team hoped to get some resistance from the other team. However, again the CBS Sport team showed good form and finished no. 1 in our group ready for the final against no. 2 again.

The final consisted of a best out of 3, without any time constraint which had been present for the group games. Again a good form were shown and the team won 2-0, and thereby went through the tournament undefeated!

A great thanks to the team, who by the way consisted of a Canadian, German, Pakistani, Swizz, American, and Danish player. Very suitable for an international tournament!

Best regards,
Jan Søe

The trip was, among other things, made possible with funding from the Sports Pool – read more here.