CBS Sport Volunteering Event

For the first time ever our CBS Sport volunteers went indoor climbing – also called bouldering!! Since it was new to everyone, luckily a coach was there, even if the concept was pretty simple; go up.

Even if it seemed quite easy, especially when you see a 12 year old child climbing the wall in 10 seconds (but they are lighter), it was quite tough on the arms and shoulders. Nevertheless, as volunteers at CBS sport are in good shape we witnessed some nice performances.

We can say that it was a success in terms of team building. It was about overcoming obstacles, encouraging others and of course having fun – and the feedback from our participants was very positive

But let’s not forget the second part of the event. As expected pizzas were most welcome and a fair reward for an intensive sport session. More surprisingly, only one pack of beers has been finished, but the other one is not lost, still waiting in the room for further meetings. Good atmosphere there, with music, ping pong game and a faceted ball.

Thanks again for participating, hoping that you had a good time there.

CBS Sport.