CBS Sport Volunteers on ice

The prelude

Saturday the 19th of March was the day for CBS Sport’s Volunteer Event, this time arranged by the sportsresponsible from Football and Icehockey was on the programme. At 17:30 20 excited volunteers met up at Frihedens Idrætscenter. After a bit of waiting, everyone was handed a pair of skates, a helmet, a stick and a huge sports bag filled with equipment. The next hour was spent on getting the equipment on – it should be said that it was not that easy, as it is a matter of putting the equipment on the right order. After some trouble in the locker room, people were ready with protection all over and a shirt that was either red or green.

The meeting with the ice

With full equipment on, people went out on the ice with the stick in the hand. It was obvious that it was far from most people who felt at home with ice under their feet, and it certainly didn’t help, that people at the same time should try to control the puck. After some free play on the ice, both teams were called to ,match start.

The fight

Five green players vs. five red players stood ready on the ice with borrowed goalkeepers from the icehockey club. The puck was thrown by a qualified member of the ice hockey club who acted as referee judge on the day and the first 15 minutes was launched. Even after the warmup, people were still moving with difficulties, so the match was played without rules and the match most of all looked lika a football match of “miniputter”, all running around after the ball.

While most just struggled to stay on their feet when the puck came whizzing, there were a few who obviously had tried it with skates and sticks before. The result was that the red team quickly took the lead, not just by one, two or three goals. No, they ended up winning the first period 4-0.

During the period substitutions were made continuously on both teams, as skating back and forth in an ice hockey rink can be described as extremely hard, even for the volunteers who were in good shape.

In the second period the green team came well back in the game with two goals and had brought some excitement back into the match – whether the green team played better or it was due to the fact that they were playing towards the “bad” goalkeeper should remain unsaid 😉 Either way it turned out that the one keeper had a clean sheet until the very end, where red team made it 6-2 – which was also the end result.

Although it was hard along the way was the 3 x 15 minutes were soon over and it was with mixed feelings of fatigue and desire to play more that filled the body. It was the en of the game, however, and it was time for team photos, beer and bath.


After the match it was time for chatting and getting sandwiches in the locker room before the trip went to “Kødbyen” (the Meatpacking District) where “after work-beer” was enjoyed while talking merrily about the tumult on the ice and all kinds of sports – if there is something that is certainly shared by the volunteers, it is their love for sports, and not just their own.

Finally, that sounds great thanks to the organizers and the volunteers of CBS Sport who showed up and made this day fun and cozy.

Best regards,

Casper Vesterskov
Head of Floorball (and on the red team)