CBS Sport vs. FC Sydhavnen

Sunday 13th of May 2012


Players: Cecilie, Brunsgaard, Camilla Borg, B, CC, Kathrin, Rhieanne, Birita, Lidegaard, Knudsen

Match Summary

1-0 Kathrin gets the ball directly from the Sydhavnen goalie and scores from the distance
2-0 Birita gets the ball from one of the opponents and scores from the distance

Half time

3-0 Birita shoots corner, which gets to Lidegaard who puts it in
4-0 B plays Lidegaard who scores

1-0 Kathrin (assist: opponent)
2-0 Birita (assist: opponent)
3-0 Lidegaard (assist: Birita)
4-0 Lidegaard (assist: B)

End result: 4-0 WIN!
Woman of the Match: CC, Camilla Borg and Brunsgaard (3 votes each)