CBS Sport welcomes E.ON as principal sponsor

CBS Sport is proud to announce energy corporation E.ON as new principal sponsor. The parties have agreed on a sponsorship deal for the next two years.

Energy is just one of the common denominators for CBS Sport and E.ON. The energy and power our sports are showing in match and practice is a great match with the brand of E.ON. Also E.ON is located at Frederiksberg, near Flintholm in the same buildings as CBS’ new auditoriums.

The sponsorship agreement

As new principal sponsor E.ONs logo will be on the jerseys of CBS Sport’s two volleyball teams as well as on the shorts of the two women handball teams.

E.ON will also be event sponsor for the Dodgeball Tournament which will be held in the spring. Dodgeball is a sport filled with energy and the red color is both associated with Dodgeball as well as a part of E.ONs brand.

E.ON on the partnership

“E.ON as a company has a very active and determined CSR policy. A significant element in this context is to be visible in the local area. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to become a principal sponsor of CBS Sport. We find it rewarding that our energetic, dynamic and constantly changing company is in the awareness of young bright people – and especially the active students. We therefore welcome this new sponsorship agreement”

In danish

“E.ON som virksomhed, har en meget aktiv og målrettet CSR-politik. Ét væsentlig element i denne sammenhæng, er at være synlig i lokalområderne. Vi har derfor valgt at indgå et hovedsponsorat med CBS Sport. Vi finder det givtigt at de unge – og ikke mindst aktive studerende er bevidste omkring vores energiske og dynamiske virksomhed, som er i konstant forandring. Derfor hilser vi dette sponsorat velkommen”

About E.ON

E.ON is one of the largest privately owned energy corporations in the world with about 35 million costumers. E.ONs main focus is electricity, gas, heat and wind power. E.ON is headquartered in Germany and has about 72.000 employees globally.

Read more about E.ON their website