CBS Sport, Woman Handball: Finally some justice!

After too many unfair losses, yelling from the bench, team-players and pep-talks, it was finally the day to come, where “everything” succeeded. With this said, it is great fun to comment that this was present even from the beginning of the game. The defense was great, as always, but this time, we even did what we are suppose to do in the attacks.

By the intermission we were ahead with four goals (8-12), and the spirit was great. We could even laugh about the last shot on goal… The second half started where the other one ended, and this was really going to be our game! Some players really took responsibility, in defense as well in the attacks – we even had a couple of great counter attacks! ‘

Our goalkeeper, Agi, stopped the few balls passing the 6-meter line. This resulted in Team København becoming more and more frustrated, they could not get through our defense, and when the referee blew for the last time, the scoreboard said 13-25! Finally! It can definitely be stated that we really needed this release of tenses, then its more fun playing handball again!

We have two more games to come this season, two days apart. Then we will meet respectively Freja HK 3, and TD St Annæ 1 – both in which are absolutely possible to beat.

Player of the game: Agi Magyerkova (goalkeeper)