CBS Sport X-Fit

CBS Sport is excited to have added X-Fit as the 10th sport. We are overwhelmed by the interest in X-Fit, and we are looking forward to welcoming all the new members to CBS Sport X-Fit.

X-Fit is brand new sport which focuses on improving your everyday fitness. It’s all about the everyday life and being versatile. X-Fit takes the explosiveness of Olympic Lifting, agility and flexibility from gymnastics and the conditioning from cardio training, such as rowing, running or biking.

Some people have the perception that in order to start X-Fitting one needs to be very fit, but this is not true! X-Fit is for everybody! All exercises are scalable so that everyone can participate. It’s all about becoming more fit, becoming better every day and having fun.

We will be hosting an upstart event on October 1st, so bring your friends and come check out our new X-Fit box/gym! The event information will be on our facebook page and here on the webpage.