Chairman’s Report 2010

It is an honor for me to present my very first Chairman’s Report of CBS Sport. The past year for our great sports organization at CBS has brought with it many interesting challenges, for me personally as well as for our many volunteers and members. And namely the challenges are what make us continuously develop, grow, engage and most importantly – learn. “Learning by doing” is an everyday actuality in CBS Sport, where managing by intuition and the eager to achieve great results are what commits the volunteers to their many different tasks.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you, who in the past year have spent much of your time doing a fantastic job for the members of CBS Sport. I am very thankful for that and without the help from especially the board members it would’t be a proud chairman standing here today.

One year ago we said goodbye to Adam, Karsten, Asger, Nicolai and Christine and this year Mikkel, Rasmus, Mette and Søren are leaving the board. All these persons have played a significant role for our organization and I hope that we can make use of their abilities also in the future.

CBS Sport is an organization which is much more than exercising sports. Social activities, the possibility of networking and making new friends, individual development and having fun are some of the added benefits by joining CBS Sport. The volunteers have worked hard on improving our offerings to the members and I think they (or you) are doing a pretty good job. The growing number of members and the rise in number of activities cannot be proving wrong. I will now give a short update from each sport.



The last year has been good for CBS Sport Badminton. There hasn’t been any problems filling up the courts – at some points almost too many interested new players showed up and it was difficult to find enough room for everyone. There are at least 14 players each time, and everyone is getting to know each other outside the courts as well. The players are thinking about organizing some social events for the players to increase the team spirit.


The past season was an eventful year in the basketball department. The women’s first team advanced to 2nd division, and they are right now doing very well, holding on to a place in the middle of the division. The men’s first team got a lot of new players on the team and they have done very well in the 3rd division, hoping to advance to 2nd division next year. The men’s second team has also done very well in Serie 1 East, and will stay in Serie 1 next season as well. Since the fourth team got closed due to lack of players, the third team took over their place in Serie 2 East, where they are staying next season also.


Our Cricket Team did a great job last season advancing from the 3rd to the 2nd Division East. The success of the team was mainly secured through great fighting spirit from the many talented players. For this coming season, the main goal is to stay in the Division and become even better. The season and the first of the 9 coming matches starts May 9th.


The men’s team did a fantastic job finishing second in their group in the 3rd division. They won all of their 7 home matches and the final result means that the boys next season will be competing in the 2nd division. The women’s team are practicing twice a week and are at the moment trying to build a stabile fundament for coming match participation. Regarding both women’s and men’s team, more players are welcome.


Both the men’s 2nd team and the women’s team were promoted last summer, and both teams managed to survive in their new league in the fall season. The men’s 1st team had a hard time during their first year in a new league. Too many changes in the starting eleven meant that the team found it hard to fulfill their goal of a top position in their pool. Outside the pitch the social aspect of CBS Sport Football is still very much alive. A lot of social activities, both within the teams as for the whole department are organized all year round.


Men’s handball has two teams. The 1st team plays in Series 1 under Copenhagen Handball Federation. They are currently placed 4th in their series. Final match will be played this coming saturday. Men’s 2nd Team is in Series 2 and is fighting to make it through to the same series next year as well. Women’s handball has a total of 3 teams. The 1st team is in Series 1 like the Men, and the 2nd and 3rd teams are both in Series 2. The 1st Team had an acceptable year finishing in the middle of the Series, while the 2nd and the 3rd team ended first and last in their pools.

Horseback riding

Our horseback riding team consisting of a group of horse loving girls hasn’t been competing a lot on home ground, however on the trip to an international event in Italy one of the riders came in fourth position. The sport responsible Pia is this year leaving CBS Sport and I want to thank her for the efforts by starting up CBS Sport Ridning. Hopefully we will see more from this discipline in the future.


CBS Sport Rugby has during 2009 improved leaps and bounds and continues to push forward. The Spring 2009 was marked by adversity and minor injuries while fostering a great environment for team cohesion. It was an important semester for the growth of core team members and the making of new friendships with international players. Fall 2009 the team’s home core player roster continued to solidify and was supplemented with talented international players. During the fall semester the team shut out every team played, which lead to an undefeated season. Both Spring and Fall seasons were additionally highlighted by pub crawls of legendary proportions that only CBS Sport Rugby can Harold. The team looks to the future with promise as they tackle their first season in the Danish second division Rugby league.

Running Team

In the fall 2009 we decided to start up a running team since it seemed like there was interest for that. Our responsible Rasmus did his best by making a complete running schedule for the team. In spite of this we had to close down CBS Sport Running Team after only one season. We hope to get running back on track at some point in time and maybe our involvement in CBS Sport Marathon Challenge can make that possible.


After having 436 skiers in Tignes last year, CBS Sport Ski this year had almost 600 skiers going to Val Thorens in 2010. Again the trip was a great success. The board of the ski department started up skiing practices in the fall 2009 with a wide selection of activities.


CBS Sport Tennis has had quite a hard year. There has not been as many players as we had hoped for, which has meant that it has been difficult to keep everything running as smoothly as we would have liked. Jesper and Martin have chosen to stop as sport responsibles, and therefore Elina is currently helping out running Tennis until a new responsible has been found. The economic situation for tennis is though looking great and thus we are expecting a successful 2010.


The men and women are still practicing together in Kedelhallen enjoying the company of each other. The social aspect stemming from the abroad trip to Paris has always been important in the department. To pursue that ambition even more the volleyball team decided to take on Holland in November, and again they didn’t come home empty handed.


Thanks to our Party “amazing” Crew a large number of members took part in the summer- and Christmas party in 2009. A good location, fine food, a cheap bar and cool DJs helped set up some fantastic parties. After the trip to Paris in 2009 I was very proud to be chairman of CBS Sport – we won the overall competition and FOUR trophies. I would like to give a special thank you to Nicolai who made all this possible. But also a great thanks to all the team coaches and captains, to Thomas and Kimmi for helping with the rooms, to Mette for being our back-up and to the supporters who were literally running all over Paris to cheer for CBS Sport.

A total of 25 teams and 217 participants had signed up for the CBS Sport Challenge held in October 2009, which was the first big tournament hosted entirely by CBS Sport. CBS Sport would like to thank everone who helped out in the day for a great tournament, all the participants for supporting the event and being in good spirit all day, and of course all the sponsors that helped make the day possible. Therefore thanks to Joe & the Juice, Tivoli, Royal Unibrew, L’Oreal, Fidels, Kraft Food, Nordea, Hummel and Sportigan.

CBS Sport has an important role in the making of the CBS Campus Relay which in 2009 had a record big number of participants. More than 800 runners did their best in winning the relay on a sunny afternoon around campus. One big thanks to Adam and Morten for helping out with this big event.

Besides the mentioned events CBS Sport has taken part in arrangements such as Fritid på Frederiksberg, Career Fair, Sport@Nexus and many more.


As I wrote in my Chairman’s Column from May 2009, our volunteers are the most important asset of the organization. Everyone of you bring something significant to CBS Sport, either by coaching teams, organizing events, arranging parties, communicating with the board and the coaches and many more. I really appreciate your strengths and I am sure that this later on in your career will help you reach your goals.

One way for CBS Sport to show our appreciation towards the volunteers is the teambuilding days. During the past year we have had two events where coaches, sport responsibles, the board and other volunteers could meet and share experiences in and out from CBS Sport.

New Website

Our new website got launched in June 2009, on the night for “Barbequing for Volunteers”, and it was celebrated with champagne as we had been longing for its introduction. The new site has many useful features and, though we still experience minor problems, we are happy to be one of the first sport organizations in Denmark to have a website where you can both pay online and enjoy a flash function.

Principle sponsor

Our principle sponsor KPMG was in 2009 and still is supporting CBS Sport. We are happy about the cooperation and thankful for their engagement in our activities.

The future

In my opinion the future looks bright. The spring is coming up and we will have new “fresh” people in the positions as sport responsible as well as in the board who are willing to engage in CBS Sport and keep on building the brand where “CBS Sport aims to be Copenhagen’s most student friendly sports organization with a focus on social networking, friendship and sport”.

Thank you all for coming today, for joining CBS Sport and take part in history at CBS. I look forward to take one more year as chairman of CBS Sport.

Chairman of CBS Sport

Karina Ildor Jacobsgaard