Congratulations to all the winners of the CBS Sport Challenge

CBS Sport Challenge 2010

The 2010 CBS Sport Challenge has come to an end after a great day with a lot of terrific goals, technical brilliance and last but not least, with finding the winners of all the tournaments.

600 participants

A total of 600 participants had found their way to the CBS Sport Challenge – 64 of them, the basketball players, was playing in Bülowsvejhallen, the rest in Frederiksberg Hallerne at Frederiksberg, and after a short welcome by CBS Sport, everyone was set to get out and play some sports.


The Basketball tournament in Bülowsvejhallen proved not to be as hectic as the combination of the other 4 sports in Frederiksberg Hallerne, and everything was running smoothly from the start. The laid back atmosphere and the great sportsmanship from the teams meant that the tournament was kept fair, but with quite a high level of play. Some teams though seemed to be more in it for the win than others, and at the end of the group stage, 4 teams found their way into the semifinals, battling for the 2 spots in the final which was to be played at the last match of the CBS Sport Challenge in Frederiksberg Hallerne.

After 2 good semifinals, Team Weber and LT United had defeated their opponents, and could make their way towards the final. At the same time, the tw losing teams, Copenhagen Celtics and Nybegynderne was playing for the 3rd place – Copenhagen Celtics came out on top, and could join the two top runners at Frederiksberg Hallerne to receive their price.

The final proved a close battle between 2 very teams. The first 10 minutes, the score was very tight, but with Team Weber getting a small advantage. This was kept for the duration of the match.

Four sports at one place

At Frederiksberg Hallerne, everything was a bit more chaotic from the start – several teams didn’t show up for the tournament, which meant that the tournament programme got a bit messed up on a couple of the sport.


Especially the badminton tournament seemed to get caught in the lack of some of the participants. A lot of the players was playing both singles and doubles, and with several player not being there, and the fact that the tournament came to a late start, everything seem very chaotic from the start.

The tournament came to a start though, and the matches was started quickly after each other, and the tournament almost got up to speed, and about 15 minutes late, the group winners was found and the playoff matches could get under way, and after some exciting matches, the tournament found its winners.


Volleyball had no less than 4 teams being a no show, leaving the tournamt with 8 teams. They did though put on an exiting tournament, with the self-proclaimed favorites, Cremen af dansk volley, proving to be in a league of their own. No one ever came close, and after the short tournament, they could be crowned winner of the CBS Sport Challenge.


The last indoor sport was Floorball, which was played in main court at Frederiksberg Hallerne. 9 teams were ready to compete for the win in a very exiting tournament with a lot of close matches. The matches was played 4vs4 with a goalie, and with a quite big court, there was plenty of room for some great technical Floorball. The CBS Sport team found their way to the final match, where they was up against what had seemed the best team, Wannabies. And the final did seem to prove very difficult for the CBS Sport team – Wannabies came up on top to become the winners of the Challenge.


The last sport of the CBS Sport Challenge was the outdoor football tournament – There had been a huge interest in the men’s tournament, and the maximum capacity of 32 teams had been reached prior to the deadline for signing up, which had resulted in a quite long waiting list.

Matches started a couple of minutes late, but with all the teams keeping focus all day, that didn’t prove a problem for the tournament. The intensity of the matches was high from the start, but everyone was playing fair which really was what everyone had been hoping for. All teams was there to win the tournament, and it ended up with some very good and very close matches all over. As the group stage came to an end, the 16 best teams were ready to fight for the price and the title as winners of the CBS Sport Challenge.

Both the CBS Sport team, King Size BBQ, and the team from KPMG made their way to the quarters where the draw would that they ended up playing each other. After a close match, FC KPMG drew the longest straw to come out on top, booking their way into the semifinals. The opponents were Undefeated Youth who had also played an impressive tournament so far. The other semi was a match between Danmark and Team Kick-Ass.

2 very close matches meant that Team Kick-Ass would play undefeated youth in the final, and Danmark would take 3rd place as FC KPMG withdrew from the playoff match.

The final was a very tactical affair with both teams keen to take down the 1st price. After 20 minutes the score was tied and the final would have to be decided with American penalties. The keeper from Undefeated youth managed to receive a red card during the shoot-out for using his hands outside the box, and for pulling an opponent down, and that proved to be difference between the two teams. Team Kick-Ass could lift their hands as winners of the CBS Sport Challenge.

The womens tournament had only 5 teams, and with 4 of them moving on to the semifinals, the tournament didn’t really start for real until then. The two CBS Sport teams, CBS Sport and De Gyldne Damer was playing each other in one of them for the chance to play against Sørens Venner in the final. De Gyldne Damer came out on top, but in the final, Sørens Venner proved the strongest team, and they could go home as the champions.

Thank you all

A great day had come to an end, and the 600 participants was ready to find their way home getting ready for the afterparty in the evening, while all the volunteers was cleaning up, making Frederiksberg Hallerne ready for the local clubs to use it again.

CBS Sport would like to thank everyone who helped out making this a truly amazing day – All the volunteers first of all. Without all of you, there would be no CBS Sport Challenge – All the sponsors, KPMG, Frederiksberg Hallerne, FIU, Diversity@CBS and Frederiksberg Kommune.

Last, but not least, also a big thanks to all the teams for coming with the purpose of having fun and to play fair all day.

We hope to all of you again next year for an even better CBS Sport Challenge!