Cup Match: CBS Sport vs. Bk. Heimdal

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Bk. Heimdal
Date: 3rd of June 2015
Venue: JJV

After a bunch of minor injuries and a balancing of whether to pull the team from the cup match, so spare the players for the more important tournament match Friday, CBS Sport faced Bk. Heimdal with a quite mixed team.

The starting line-up gave room for Ingrid, who’d been struggling with injuries, together with Nathalie, Bianca and Knudsen, who usually plays 7-a-side, and on the side line previous star players Nanna and Birita (who currently play at the alumni 7-a-side team) was standing ready.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Majbritt – Rikke – Hansen
Midfield: Bianca – Birgitte – Nathalie – Ingrid – Pernille
Striker: Knudsen

Subs: Nanna, Birita

The match

When entering the pitch, the expectations to the weather were met; it was windy as h*ll and looked like it would mess up any attempt on playing football..

Coach Jeppe’s tactic was to stand a bit defensive on the pitch and let Heimdal do the most of the work.

First half started with Heimdal being most on the ball, but CBS Sport still managed to get some play towards their goal and let the goalkeeper get some balls once in a while – but mostly the play was on CBS Sport’s half and a good practice in defensive play. The wind also contributed, as passes and shots were often stopped midair or changed direction halfway.. Quite interesting!

Bk. Heimdal scored their first goal following a corner, where a pass in front of goal was kicked nicely in – out of reach for Cecilie and with the defense at her tail, but not enough to avoid the goal..

Second Heimdal goal came after another corner, where Cecilie failed to call for the ball, resulting in a half hearted clear from the defense, and Heimdal being good at following up and scoring.. 0-2.

Second half was however 45 minutes with good defensive play all over CBS Sport’s pitch.. It was clear that everyone was tired (given that it is a DBU tournament, only three substitutions can be made, and a subbed player cannot return to the pitch – in other words, everyone should expect 90 minutes on the pitch) – at least Heimdal was too – so nothing big was created towards Heimdal’s goal, but on the other hand, Heimdal never really got dangerous in second half either.

The aftermath

Loosing first half 0-2 and playing 0-0 in second half actually felt quite alright. And as Coach Jeppe stated: “Regardless of the result, it warms my heart to see everyone involved, doing their utmost for the team!”

Result: 0-2 (defeat)
Woman of the Match: Cirkeline