Diversity@CBS supports CBS Sport work with volunteering

CBS Sport can recognize its five year anniversary in 2011, through successfully being given nearly 30,000 kr. from the CBS Diversity fund in order to promote its work with volunteers.

From three sports and 50 members in 2006 to the current 9 sports and 400 members (as well as 500 Ski-members) in 2011, the 50 volunteers which we currently have working every week have made everything in CBS Sport a possibility. Their work not only makes CBS Sport a possibility, but thereby also works to improve CBS as a whole. Particularly exchange students take advantage of the offers provided, making up nearly 30 % of members.

The EU commission has named 2011 the year for volunteering. We at CBS Sport wish to recognize our volunteers’ efforts throughout this coming annum, and the funds which we have received from the Diversity fund will aid us in doing so.