Do you want to join CBS Sport Badminton?

Do you want to join CBS Sport Badminton? It is very easy; write to the person responsible, try two times for free and pay online.

If you want to join CBS Sport Badminton please write an e-mail to, and say when you want to show up. If you have any questions that the website do not answer please do not hesitate to write us.

You can practise two times for free before you have to decide whether you want to join CBS Sport Badminton.

When you have decided you can pay your player-fee online using the link in the top bar called pay player-fee.

Our slogan

Our slogan in CBS Sport is “CBS Sport aims to be Copenhagen’s most student friendly sports organization with focus on social networking, friendship and sport”.

This means that if you decide to join CBS Sport, you do not only get the sport activity at a very low price, you also get a hole package of events and social activities.

We look forward to see you on the court.