Do your team need additional funds?

You and your teammates actually have several different ways to accomplish this. First of all you can try to get a local team sponsor. Secondly you can apply one of several funds for financial aid, if you believe you have a admirable purpose. You could also join “KlubSupport” where your team can earn money every time you purchase products online.

So to list some of your options:

  1. Local sponsor
  2. Apply funds
  3. Join KlubSupport
  4. Write an application to the municipality (Kommunen)
  5. Write an application to the CBS Sport Sports Pool

This newsfeed will provide some ideas to where you can apply to get additional funding to your team.

A) SL fonden:

Supports initiatives that facilitate a better social and academic enviroment at CBS, RUC, The IT-University etc.

B) Frederiksberg Fonden;

Supports initiatives at Frederiksberg. Special focus is children, social events, art and culture and conservation of important cultural values.

C) FIU’s initiativpulje:

Supports initiatives that enhance the development and renewal of the sports and sporting terms at Frederiksberg.

D) Onside Sport Aid:

Supports teams with clothes, sporting and medical equipment, balls and sporting trips to Denmark and abroad.

E) The Frederiksberg Municipality Pools:

Supports initiatives including extraordinary or large events, initiatives that facilitates new networks and cooperation among different organisations. The municipality also supports courses and education that strengthens the knowledge in the cultural and leisure life in Frederiksberg.

The possibilities are many. The only thing needed is the will to do something about it.. Will you?

If you want to know more about how to write an application, get some insights and help – feel free to contact Christoffer Larsen at