DTU Exiles vs. CBS Sport Rugby

DTU Exiles vs. CBS Sport Rugby

Saturday the 21st of September 2013

After a well-deserved summer break sharing the top spot in the Danish Rugby Union’s eastern second division with Frederiksberg Rugby Club II we were met with some mixed news. Being unable to field a second team, Frederiksberg had to drop out of the league, leaving us in first place, but losing a game. Shortly after, more bad news; Speed Rugby Club in Tårnby asked us to postpone our first league game due to, you guessed it, lack of players. But all was not lost, we managed to arrange a friendly with the DTU Exiles, for a battle of the universities!

We met at the Danish Technical University out in Lyngby at around noon, exited to play rugby again, and this time against a 1st division team. After warm ups and the pre match pep talk by coach Armando, we kicked off the first half at two’o’clock.

First half

The first half was kicked off by Exiles, who very quickly managed to wrestle the ball from us and through sheer force managed to drive the ball all the way to our try line, scoring the first try of the game. While not unused to this sort of game play, we were punished for not being focused right from the whistle. The game resumed with a much better defence, coupled with good offence which shortly after resulted in a try for us by the captain Mikkel who managed to fight his way the last few meters to the try line.

What followed after these two scorings was a back and forth scoring, with increasingly intense tackling from both sides. Half time came with a fairly even score.

You’ll have to excuse the missing half time score, I was slightly preoccupied getting bashed and returning the tackles.

Second half

After a half time team talk, it was agreed we needed to maintain the good defence, but also get the ball out of the rucks (read: the ball staying on one side of the pitch) and passed out to the backs, who hadn’t seen the ball very much in the first half. As we tried to do this, the onslaught of the Exiles continued with many penalties given away by both sides. CBS Sport also put 3 new guys on the pitch, their first game being one of the tougher games we’ve had this year. This resulted in both sides getting more points, with CBS Sport unfortunately getting two tries disallowed due to the ball being held up.

Towards full time the tackling ended up becoming so rough that the referee called both captains to one side and suggested blowing the whistle three minutes early, with the current score of 24 – 24. Eugene (Exiles) and Mikkel (CBS) agreed this was the best option and we finished the game with a very satisfying draw.


Tired but satisfied, we huddled up for the post-match talk by coach Armando. CBS Sport Rugby’s support was very good, but we had difficulty offloading the ball and keeping the ball moving. It is an important combination, so we had something to work on.

After the compulsory “CBS” roar, the beers were unleashed and the man of the match for CBS was given to Sean Ferguson by both sides!

Well done everyone from CBS and thanks to the DTU Exiles giving us an intense and competitive game!

Next match

Next match is on Saturday the 5th of October at 1600 against RK Speed at Løjtegårdsvej 58B, 2770 Kastrup.

Last match against RK Speed ended in an awesome victory – which has only happened 3 times during the last 3 years. Hopefully Saturday will bring another great victory against Speed, and hopefully with great support from a lot of spectators!

Written by: Caspar Thorup