Equity Workshop

On the 28th of February. the Board had invited all interested to participate in a workshop with CBS Sport’s equity as the subject.

Asger Bryderup from the Board broke the whole thing down into the following agenda:

  1. The equity
  2. Funding of education
  3. Marketing
  4. Inventory
  5. Investing
  6. Social events
  7. Sum-up

The specific numbers and results of the workshop will of course be presented at the Annual General Meeting, but here’s a tiny sneak peek of the discussions.

Sneak peek

Everyone present at the workshop agreed that the size of the equity was too big. In the past CBS Sport started saving money in order to co-fund a project with new facilities at campus, in order to claim that sporting facilities should be a part of the project. The project and plans around it has gone another way now, and thus no good reason to hold on to the money – also given that CBS Sport is a non-profit organisation.

Funding of education was a hot topic, since i.e. CBS Sport Football has started funding coach cources for their volunteers, in order to meet their ambitious plans of promotions and growth. Being all about promotions is not something that defines all nine sports at CBS Sport, which led to a suggestion of making an Education Pool with some money which the Sports Commitee can divide among them in a manor that make sense in consideration of what the different sport departments needs.

With regards to marketing, everyone agreed that CBS Sport could use more awareness – especially at campus. The dream was if CBS Sport could be for students at Copenhagen Business School, what the college university football teams are for the students at universities in USA. In order to get there new marketing material could help, but furthermore the discussions touched the idea of making a Marketing Group that could come up with ideas and make sure to execute them; Fan Events, happenings at campus (ie. the Panther taking a few strolls, greeting students) and so on.

No big investments in inventory or investing the money in portfolio was considered relevant, so the last big topic was social events and namely sports trips to destinations where as many of our nine sports could participate. Funding of these, could be in the planning, joint transport (ie. bus) or a contribution for each participant to lower the participation fee.

Thank you

The Board thanks all the people who showed up and those who contributed by email. Again a CBS Sport Workshop has proved very useful and it is a pleasure to see the commitment from the CBS Sport members!