Fantasy Football is back

Four years ago in Fall 2009 the first Fantasy Football was presented at CBS Sport, as a virtual football game based on drø

Now – after a few years of abscense – Fantasy Football is BACK!

Your goal as a participant in the game is to pick the best team possible, make substitutions during the season and watch your team grow in value as the matches are played. Stats on the real players in CBS Sport Football will be transferred into the game and affect the value of the individual players depending on their performance.

Participation costs DKK 25 which goes to pay for the prizes: Ticket(s) for the annual CBS Sport Christmas Party!
Everyone is more than welcome to join the game no matter which sport you are playing.


If you would like to participate, please click here and read more about how to sign up your team, the rules and so on.

In order to participate from the very start, you need to have your team fully submitted on Saturday the 17th of August at 13:30 (24 hours before Round 1)