FB vs. CBS Sport Football Women – 1-10 WIN!

FB vs. CBS Sport

Saturday April 24th 2010

Result: 1-10

Attending: Signe P, Birgitte, Eva, Katrine, AC, Lone, Tine, Darija, Hansen, Nanna, Kimmi, Signe B, Birita and CC

Woman of the Match: N/A

I got this message from Koll, who was watching the match from the sideline; “Eva unassisted, Birgitte unassisted, Eva assist Darija, Darija assist Eva, Eva assist Darija, Eva assist Birgitte, Signe Bang Holm assist Mette, Darija assist Birgitte, Darija unassisted, Birgitte unassisted, FB one goal” – that makes a 10-1 win!

To sum up:
Goals by Eva: 4
Goals by Birgitte: 2
Goals by Darija: 3
Goals by Signe B: 1

Assist by Eva: 1
Assist by Darija: 2
Assist by Birgitte: 2
Assist by Mette: 1