First game of the season – CBS Sport – Nørrebro

It was a grey and slightly chilly morning at our home turf on Jens Jessens vej. The scene was set for our first tournament game of the season against Nørrebro against whom we, with small margins, had both won and against last season. It was thus important for us to get off to a good start in the game in order to pave the way for a good start of the season.

In the beginning of the game it was clear that we were playing under tough conditions. We were struggling with a fairly new line-up, against a strong head wind, a hard pressing opponent, and on a surface that we were unaccustomed to, all of which left its mark on the way we played in the initial phases.

The game moved back and forth with neither team able to get a definite hold on the ball or build up a consistent offense. This resulted in unattractive play with a lot of wrong passes, long balls and hard tackles and where we more often than not resorted to taking one touch too many with the ball.

It was thus characteristic of the game that the first goal would occur after a loose ball bounced around a few time in Nørrebro`s penalty area and winded up at Dennis’ feet who resolutely volleyed the ball in the back of the net by the right post of Nørrebro`s goal. CBS 1-0!

As prior anticipated this marked somewhat of a turning point in the game. Though Nørrebro was still not giving us much space, and the wind was still causing us problems, the game started to slightly tip to our advantage. Nørrebro relied on long passes behind the defense, but we were largely successful in closing them down, although we had difficulties with keeping a firm line. On the midfield and in the offense we were now working hard and communicated better, though the beautiful play was still absent.

In the second half Aage and Kevin replaced Dennis and Bonde. The wind was now blowing to our advantage and we succeeded in putting heavy pressure far up on Nørrebro’s half of the pitch. Stefan was looking at a cold and dull second half between the posts. The game started flowing better and we came to a lot more chances. First Aage missed a good opportunity before leaving the pitch with a injured knee and a short while later our flying dutchman Tim had an impressive shot from the distance that demanded great effort from NBK’s keeper to keep out. During this time Peter and Tinggard also arrived at a good cooperative effort, where they complemented each other well in the offense putting great strain on last line of NBK’s defense and resulting in several good chances.

But the second goal would come from a different side. After a pass from Tim, the recently reinstated Dennis was like possessed and went on a crazed run down the left flank, took a couple of touches into the penalty area and, with a defense expecting a cross, shot the ball flat behind the keeper. The second goal of the game from the left-wing.

Dennis had two more chances to achieve a hat-trick shortly after but both went past the goal.

At one of the only times that NBK was able to get the ball down on our side of the pitch in this half, they succeeded in getting an unfortunate goal. One of their tall defenders was able to get a head on the corner kick, and the ball went in just below the cross-bar with no chance for Stefan in the goal. Thanks to a great effort by us, this did not result in any unnecessary tension as Tinggaard shortly after on the edge of the penalty area received a pass from Dennis who -once again – had brought it up along the left flank. Tinggard took a short move inwards and like a true “måltyv” fired the ball hard and flat into the long corner via the right post.

3-1 CBS; in a game that had displayed more good spirit than beautiful play! However a good win that promises well for the season, especially considering the absence of several key players!

Job well done!