Football – End-of-Season blast out!

Following an epic 2013 with 6 promotions and numerous milestones, both on the pitch and as a club, a legendary event to round off the season was in order.

November 16th – a day of CBS Sport Football

41 people, both men and women, showed up at the un-godly hour of 10 AM to spend a day in the name of football. It started out with an indoor tournament, flavoured with “sprint prizes” (for example drink vouchers for the party later) for strong performances and spectacular skills. Halfway through the tournament lunch was served, and it was accompanied by the first part of the auction for old player kits, as well as a quiz about CBS Sport’s season. The second half of tournament then resumed, followed by semi-finals and finals, and at 4 PM everyone was sent home to shower, shave, do their hair, and get ready for a night on the town.

Second part of the day was at Farfar’s, a pub / bar located a stone’s throw from the Round Tower. Pizza was served at 6:30 PM, which went nicely with beer at happy-hour prices. By the time the final entertainment of quiz, second part of the auction, and award show commenced at 9 PM, more than 50 CBS Sport Footballers had gathered. From here the party was let loose, and the rest, as they say, is history.

All inclusive

From the beginning of the preparations, almost a month ago, this truly was a pan-CBS Sport Football event. Council members, coaches and players pooled their energy and resources and delegated tasks to create something for everyone. Tournament plan, prizes, medals, awards, meal preparations etc were pro-active ideas, and with funding provided both by the Sports Pool and Football’s own budget, it was possible to back all the volunteers’ initiatives financially.

Furthermore, the diversity of participants at the both events, both between gender, teams, and nationality, show that CBS Sport Football is privileged to have a fantastic team spirit amongst its members. This is the direct result of a growing number of CBS Sport members actively contributing to the development of the club. With this trend and the energy and drive amongst its members, CBS Sport Football is already looking forward to season start in early January 2014!

On behalf of the Football Council,

Joachim Satchwell