Football Men – Season Kick-Off!

The new season has started for the two male 11-a-side teams, and that is with ups and downs.

The 2nd Team

The 2nd team lost their first match against Heimdal 7-3, but despite the score the guys did a fine job with a lot of new faces on the team. The second match for the 2nd team was another loss against a well playing AB Tårnby team and they are now finding themselves in the bottom of the table after two matches.

The 1st Team

The story about the 1st team is very different. The first two matches finished with two victories with 9 goals for, and 0 against. First match of the season was against the newly promoted Olympic Amager KIF, and CBS Sport put their mark on the match from the beginning with the first chance after just 20 seconds, but Jonas Rasmussen failed to hit the target with his header. After about 20 minutes, the CBS Sport pressure resulted in a 1-0 lead by Andreas Anders – a score that lasted until halftime.

In the break Dennis encouraged the team to keep up the good work, and 20 minutes into the second half CBS Sport scored again for a 2-0 lead. This along with a yellow card for Olympic Amager made CBS Sport able to secure a 6-0 win with Andreas scoring 4 times and Trieu and Joachim with 1 goal each.

The second match for the first team was the same story. CBS Sport pressured for the most of the match, and a 1-0 lead at halftime. This time, the later elected Man of the Match, Brenøe was the man behind the goal with a shot from the left side.

In the second half Nicolai Vittrup made it 2-0 shortly into the second half after being subbed in at half time and finally Andreas Andersen made his 5th goal of the season securing a 3-0 win.

All in all a good start for the 1st team, which is now on top of Serie 4 after two matches.

New player?

Remember that the teams are always open for new players. In the beninning of September, the 11-a-side teams of CBS Sport Football will have try-outs for all new players. Read more here.

If you want to know more about the 7-a-side teams or the women’s team, just contact the coaches of the different teams. Find more info here.