Football Men Team 2 vs. KFB

CBS Sport Football Men Team 2 vs. KFB

On Friday the 1st of March CBS Sport Football Men’s 2nd team played a match against KFB in the winter tournament.

Starting XI:

Goal: Teis
Defense: Jan – Finn (C) – Magee – Jonas
Defensive Midfielder: Florian
Midfield: Wasiem – Fabian – Troels – Robert
Striker: Trieu

Sub: Lars, Jakob, Lasse Jessen 2

As seen in the previous matches the lack of central defenders forced coach “Steel Again” (according to Google translate) to be creative. Alongside the normal starters in defense (Jan, Finn and Jonas) was no other than 2m man Michael “Magic” Magee. It might be shocking to most, but Magee proved to be a good strong contender for one of the spots in front of the keeper.

1st half

CBS Sport were dominating the beginning of the match. Great combinations between the central midfield and especially the right side, with Jan and Wasi, was dangerous from the first whistle. However, captain Finn Seeman was unfortunate to be sent off after just 8 minutes of play for holding back an opponent who could have had a one-on-one with Teis – quite a blow considering the great start.

Jonas moved to the centre and Lasse came on as left back. Normally you would expect the team being one man up to dominate, but CBS Sport stayed in control and by the end of the 10 minutes of one man down, Trieu scored for 1-0. The goal was created on the right side after great runs from Wasi and Jan.

CBS Sport continued to be in control by playing beautiful non-norwegian short passing football. Many chances were created and Trieu could – with a bit of luck – have gotten us up by 2 or 3 and also Troels had huge chance to score when the KFB keeper was out of his goal and Troels tried to control a left footer into the back of net. Unfortunately Troels’s left foot is not his strongest and the ball went right past goal.

Just before half-time Trieu got the ball outside the KFB goal-area and after a short dribble he fired a shot with his left foot – 2-0 for CBS Sport!

KFB did not manage to record a shot on goal in the first half due to a strong performance by the CBS Sport defense.

2nd half

Focus point for the 2nd half was to keep possession and play 90 good minutes of football. And CBS Sport did manage to stay in control.

The gameplan from KFB was a lot of long balls but most of them were cleared by Magee or picked up by the rest of the defenders. After some time of play Florian however thought he would bring some excitement to the game. A hazardous tackle from behind around the middle of the field got him sent off as well. Once again the boys in blue proved to be strong in mind this season and after 10 minutes the score was still 2-0 and we were yet again 11 men on the pitch.

By the end of the game KFB got their first shot on goal. A long ball to their right winger who was unmarked by the edge of the area gave them a good scoring opportunity. He placed his shot to the left of Teis – who was passed – but only to see that he had calculated exactly right as the ball hit the post and went back into play.

As the game was drawing to an end Troels decided it was time to redeem himself. He took a shot from some 35 metres out, and the ball just went over the keeper, hit the crossbar and bounced in the back of the goalkeeper and in behind the line. What a goal!

However, this was not enough and it finally seemed like KFB had lost all hope of a positive result. Trieu finished of the game by scoring his fourth goal, which deservedly won him Man of the Match, and the team a beautiful and well-deserved 4-0 victory against a team that normally play in Series 4.

Result: 4-0 (win!)
Goals: 1-0 Trieu, 2-0 Trieu, 3-0 Troels (2nd half), 4-0 Trieu (2nd half)
Cards: Finn (1st half), Florian (2nd half)
Man of the Match: Trieu