Football: Player of the Year

As CBS Sport Football’s highest ranked team plays a yearly tournament going from August to June, they decided to move the annual Player of the Year award to the Summer Party instead of the Christmas Party as it has been for the past years.

The 2013/2014 season ended in a huge success with the second promotion in two years. The highest ranked CBS Sport Football Team has improved year by year, and the quality of the team is better than ever going in to Serie 2 for the first time in the history of the club.

Even though the team as a whole has gotten better and the team effort being the main reason for the two promotions, there are always some players who stand out at the end of a long season – and this year was no different.

This time, 2 players was nominated for Player of the Year, and it was up to the players in the team to vote for who they believed had earned the title. The nominees was Joachim Satchwell, and Mathias Jørgensen, who had won it the previous year.

The reasons for the nominations were:


Joachim Satchwell

One year ago, at the end of last season, Joachim could look back at a year where he had mainly been a substitute bouncing in and out of the team. Now, he is always one of the first names in the team sheet. With a work rate matched by no one in the team and the ability to play both in the defense and the midfield, Joachim has been a very important player for the team. As well as the work rate, Joachim ended 2nd in the topscorer list and 1st on the assist list.


Mathias Jørgensen

Mathias scored an impressive 40 goals this season out of the 101 goals scored by the team. Playing 20 matches, this means an average of no less than two goals per match, which is far more than you can expect from any attacker. Besides scoring a lot of goals, Mathias is a team player who is always the first line of defense and always give himself 100% for the team.
And the winner is…


Joachim Satchwell

Joachim won the vote with a vast majority of the votes, and joins the list of winners of Player of the Year in CBS Sport.

A big congratulation to Joachim – Let’s hope he can keep up the form in Serie 2