Football – Player of the Year

True to tradition, CBS Sport Football awarded a player from each team to be Player of the Year, at the CBS Sport Christmas Party.

  • CBS Sport Football Men 2nd team awarded Finn Seeman with Player of the Year!
  • CBS Sport Football Men 1st team awarded Andreas Hejsel with the Player of the Year award.
  • CBS Sport Football Women awarded Kathrin Hansen with Player of the Year

Coach Rasmus Jensen delievered this speech:

“As assistant coach Jeppe Svendsen, and I, only had autumn season to base the award on, emphasis was placed on the following elements: Player of the Year should have surprised us positively through the season, and of course have actively participated in on- and off pitch events.
Kathrin did all that and in addition, Kathrin drew positive attention to herself, by developing her skills throughout the season.
When the season began in August, Kathrin was categorized as marginal, but as the season progressed, Kathrin went over and was our most indispensable winger. Kathrin moved her technical and physical level every week, and have finished the season as a complete player.
We very much look forward to next season with Kathrin on the wing, and if her level continues to evolve, we might need to tip in, in order keep her in CBS Sport.”