Football: Players of the Year 2015

At the CBS Sport Christmas Party the last Player of the Year Awards were given to the CBS Sport Football women’s 11-a-side team and the men’s 11-a-side 2nd og 3rd team. As the men’s 11-a-side 1st team plays yearly seasons from August to June, their Player of the Year was handed out at the CBS Sport Summer Party, but fairly mentioned here as well.

Cirkeline Holm-Nielsen, W11.1

Came to the club in the late fall 2014, is a defensive player, but has even played midfield this fall season.

Read the motivation here.

Stef Alfrink, M11.2

Came to the club in fall 2015, is a defensive player and captain on the team.

Read the motivation here.

Tobias Jeremiassen, M11.3

Came to the club in fall 2015, started as attacker but showed greater skills as midfielder and has been playing as that ever since.

Read the motivation here.

Robin Lorvik, M11.1 (2014/2015)

Robin has been in the club since 2013 and has been the glue holding together the midfield. This season he got the captains band and took it on him to earn up to it! He won the Player of the Year Award with all team mates’ votes but four.