Football Report W15: What a week!

What a week!

All matches, but one ended with points to CBS Sport and if you count all 11-a-side matches CBS Sport won this week 22-4!

Amager FF vs. KS Women

Lineup: Cecilie – Skov, Benno, Bryndís, Mari – Stone, Mia – Caro, Marlen, Katie – Lisa
Subs: Kiri

End result: 0-3 (0-1) win
Goals: 0-1 Marlen (assist: Caro), 0-2 Katie (assist: Caro), 0-3 Kiri (assist: Marlen)
WoM: Bryndis

Coach Jeppe comments: “We managed to put in one of our most complete performances in a long time.
Amager FF have won all our previous 3 matches, and finished first in the standings last season so we knew it would be a difficult game.
We had to make 6 changes in the starting lineup compared to last weekend’s win against FC Damsø, and had to make do with one substitute as it became clear during warmup that both Cirkeline and Chantal would be unable to feature in the game due to injury.
Despite these difficult circumstances we managed to dominate our opponent for most of the game through our pace and a disciplined defensive organisation. With a 1-0 lead at half-time we were looking to close out the game early in the second half but due to inefficiency in front of goal we had to wait until the 82nd minute to make it 2-0 before making it 3-0 shortly after.
Bryndís deserves special mention as she lead the defensive line expertly in her debut match and deservedly won the woman of the match vote.” Read more here.

S2 Men vs. FC Sydhavnen

Line-up: Lund – Henne, Gustav, Julius, Els – Robin, Johan, Fred – Tobias, Jørgensen, Jensen
Subs: Leen, Nicklas, Casper

End result: 7-1 (2-0) win
Goals: 1-0 Mathias (assist: Fred), 2-0 Mathias (unassisted), 3-0 Nicklas (assist: Tobias), 4-0 Leen (assist: Tobias?), 5-0 Nicklas (assist: Mathias), 6-1 Mathias (assist: Leen), 7-1 Nicklas (assist: Mathias)
MoM: Mathias

Coach Jesper: “It was a good game for us. A strong wind meant the game got more messy than we would have liked, but having won 7-1 it is hard to complain. As a coach it is very satisfying to see the guys respond so well to training; on Thursday we practiced offensive transitions and Sunday we scored four goals on just that. As a coach, it doesn’t get much better. As reported in the live updates on Facebook, Mathias Jørgensen is now the all time top scorer for the club, reaching 99 goals, surpassing BigMacs 98. Nicklas scored a hattrick in less than 45 minutes and Leen marked his return with a screamer of a goal. Defensively we were solid and the three in midfield made substantial contributions both ways. Lund is a class goalkeeper, likely the best in our division, and he continues to grow. I am a very happy man, but we must now shift our focus towards what will be a much tougher tie on Saturday against Valby.”

S2 Women vs. Fremad Amager

Line-up: Eva – Chris, Majbritt, Pernille, Salma – Emilie, Kathrine – CC, Knudsen, Kathrin – Malle
Subs: N/A

End result: 4-0 (4-0) win
Goals: 1-0 Malle (assist: Knudsen), 2-0 CC (assist: Malle), 3-0 Malle (assist: Chris), 4-0 Malle (unassisted)
WoM: Kathrin

S3 Men vs. Vestia 2

Players: Smergel – Felix, Kogu, Ivar, Ioannis – Marco – Mads, Lars Vollset, Lars Rye, Benji – Tobias
Subs: Christoffer Grønager, Lasse Jessen

End result: 2-2 (1-0) draw
Goals: Benjamin (unassisted), Mads (assist: Marco)
MoM: Kogu

S4 Men vs. B 1905

Players: Adam Massigeh, Cesare Sartirana, Christian Jaeger, Christian Thøgersen, Christopher Klüter, Edoardo Marangon, Emil Strand, Johannes Uytenhout, Jonas Sandal, Magnus Kjeldsen, Rasmus Skjold Nielsen, Robert Sieg, Stefán Stefánsson, Victor Skov

End Result: 2-1 (1-0) win
Goals: 1- 0 Robert Sieg (assist: Christian Jaeger) 2-1 Victor Skov (Unassisted)
MoM: Victor Skov

Coach Hashaam: The home game for mens S4 was a tough one, with heavy rainfall for the length of the 90 minutes. A highly spirited first half saw CBS Sport in full control while going 1-0 up with a beautiful bit of skill by Christian Jaeger. We started slow in the 2nd half and let in a sloppy goal, however an 88th minute thunderbolt by Victor Skov sealed the deal for our first victory of the season.

AC Iben 2 vs. S5 Men

Players: Alex Hassouna, Anders Mønsted, Benjamin Johansen, Christoffer Jensen, Emil Juhl, Emil Lund, Erik-Thomas von der Fehr, Frederick Skov, Frederik Holm Heiselberg, Jakob Pallesen, Joachim Juul Høyer, Mathias Hedberg, Morten Spedtsberg-Andersen, Søren Lundbæk Nielsen

End result: 0-4 (0-2) win
Goals: 0-1: Emil Juhl (assist: Erik), 0-2: Frederick Skov (assist: Joachim Juul), 0-3: Erik von der Fehr (assist: Alex Hassouna), 0-4: Jakob Pallesen (assist: Emil Juhl)
MoM: Both Frederck Skov and Emil Juhl

Playing Coach Frederick: AC Iben had no shots on goal at all..

Amager FF 2 vs. DØK Penetrators

Players: Svaneborg, Koll, Søgaard, Daniel Henriks, Rosasco, Rigbolt, Kristoffer Brodersen, Morten ‘Mona’ Jensen, Dybkjær, Søren Beck

End result: 8-3 defeat
Goals: Rasmus Dybkjær (assist: Casper Søgaard), Rasmus Dybkjær (unassisted), Kristian Rigbolt (unassisted)
MoM: Rasmus Dybkjær

Coach Lars Rye tells us, that he couldn’t attend the match, but he heard that the team was a bit under pressure – probably because their coach wasn’t present to guide them. Despite the effort it couldn’t be the wanted birthday present for Rosasco, but rumour has it that there was plenty of laughter in the dressing room anyway!