Football Report W16

Not as fun a report as last week, but then again – even with a negative goal difference, we did so well last week, that we’re still with a positive goal difference in the big picture!

Valby Bk. vs. S2 Men

Line-up: Lund – Henneberg, Jonas, Hauskov – Leen, Robin, Fred, Hundebøll, Tobias – Jørgensen, Loris
Subs: Jensen

Result: 3-3 (2-2) draw
Goals: Frederik Nørgaard (assist: Simon Hundebøll), Mathias Jørgensen (assist: Tobas Andersen), Frederik Nørgard (penalty – assist: Simon Hundebøll)
MoM: Frederik Nørgaard

Mathias Jørgensen (picture) scored his goal no. 100 this week!

VLI vs. S2 Women

Line-up: Nanna – Judith, Pernille, Emilie, Walldeskog – Salma, Kathrine, Eline, AM – Knudsen
Subs: Rolle, Nikita

Result: 5-0 (2-0) defeat

S3 Men vs. Sundby Bk.

Players: Aleksander Kuliani Eide, Aws Al-Nakeeb, Benjamin Busk, Jacob Holm, Kogulan Kugathasan, Lars Tore By Vollset, Lars Rye Petersen, Lasse Jessen, Marco Singh, Morten Brenøe, Peter Larsen, Shea Gallup, Trieu Nguyen

Result: 2-4 (0-2) defeat
Goals: Morten Brenøe (assist: Benjamin Busk), Trieu Nguyen (assist: Jacob Holm)
MoM: Shea Gallup

Comments: CBS Sport has filed a complaint regarding an ineligible player on the other team. Furthermore Brenøe went to the ER with his knee after an unlucky situation in second half. Initial verdict is that nothing is broken and that the ligament looks to be okay, but we’ll know more in a few weeks.. Get well soon, Brenøe!

Bk. Skjold 7 vs. S4 Men

Line-up: Renato – Jonas, Cesare, Joachim, Emil – Edoardo, Victor, Christian – Christopher, Robert, Adam
Subs: Nikolaj, Rasmus

Result: 1-2 (1-1)
Goals: Robert Sieg (assist: Adam Massigeh), Adam Massigeh (unassisted)
Cards: Adam Massigeh (yellow), Victor (yellow), Renato (yellow)
MoM: Adam Massigeh

Comments from Coach Hashaam: The second outing for mens S4 was a game of four seasons. After a bright and sunny kickoff, some hard pressing and swift passing undid Bk Skjold and saw CBS Sport take the lead . Nearing the end of 1st half, weather conditions turned grim as the wind got strong. BK Skjold managed to pull off a screamer from 40 yards out catching the keeper off guard. CBS then took complete control over the game in the 2nd half yet failing to convert a handful of chances in the now heavy snowfall. A consistent press till the end of the game enabled Adam to drag the Bk Skjold goalkeeper out of position and curl in a shot to seal the victory for CBS.

S5 Men vs. FB 16

Players: Anders Østerby Mønsted, Benjamin Johansen, Emil Juhl Madsen, Erik-Thomas von der Fehr, Frederick Skov, Frederik Holm Heiselberg, Mathias Hedberg, Morten Oddershede Jensen, Morten Spedtsberg-Andersen, Niclas Weihe, Peter E. B. Nielsen, Rasmus Walther Jensen, Tobias Petersen, Victor Hassouna

Result: 1-1 (0-1) draw
Goal: Frederick Skov (unassisted)
Card: Niclas Weihe (yellow)
MoM: Rasmus Walther

Comments: CBS Sport’s goal was a nicely corner kick and throughout 2nd half, CBS Sport was pressing for the three points.

Bk. Skjold vs. Women (7)

Players: AC, Birita, Eva, Julie, Refvem, Nanna, Simone Klint, Simone Kruse, Tine

Result: 5-1 (1-1) defeat
Goal: Julie (unassisted)

DØK Penetrators vs. FA 2000 3

Players: Koll, Søgaard, CJ, Jacob, Brodersen, Mona, Stricker, Dybkjær, Søren Beck, Toke

Result: 5-3 (1-3) win!
Goals: CJ (assist: Søgaard), Brodersen (assist: Mona), Mona (assist: Dybbie), Mona (unassisted), Mona (assist: Brodersen)
MoM: Mona

We hope you enjoy these tiny reports – and feel free to add details to the post on Facebook!