Football Report W17

It looks like away matches aren’t the best thing for our teams this week..

Bk. Heimdal vs. KS Women

Line-up: Cecilie – Chantal, Rakel, Bryndis, Majbritt – Mia, Neteland – Skov, Marlen, Caro – Lisa
Sub: Eline

Result: 4-0 (1-0) defeat
MoM: Rakel

Coach Jesper comments: “With 11 players unable to play we had to enlist the help of three players from our second team to field 12 for the match.
Having been relegated from Kvindeserie Øst prior to the season we knew Heimdal would be one of our tougher opponents.

Despite the makeshift squad we did manage to pressure Heimdal at times and created our chances, but once again we lacked efficiency in front of goal and we were uncharacteristically poor on set pieces.
4-0 isn’t necessarily a fair representation of the match but it was clear that Heimdal were the better side, as they were more agressive on and off the ball, and converted most chances they created.
A big thanks goes out to Kathrine (Neteland), Eline and Majbritt for helping out and adapting well to the increased tempo and pressure of KS.”


FC Nyhavn vs. S2 Men

Players: Frederik Anker Christensen, Frederik Leen von der Recke, Frederik Elsborg Andersen, Johan Ostenfeld Larsen, Jonas Kaibinger, Nicklas Thorsager Mortensen, Nikolaj Juul Lund, Robin Lorvik, Sebastian Dyhr Rasmussen, Simon Hundebøll, Tobias Lau Frydensberg Andersen, Gustav Lauritsen

Result: 3-1 defeat
Goals: Leen (assist: Hundebøll)
Card: Leen (yellow)
MoM: N/A

Coach Jesper’s notes: “A performance we will want to forget quickly. We played without tempo, without rhytm and without the most basic understanding of each other. In terms of the result it is hard to imagine that it could have gone otherwise, given that we haven’t had a solid practice for 2 weeks and turned up with 12 men, one of which had to leave at half-time and another two who should have been rested. We’ll work harder and do our utmost to redeem ourselves against Culpa and, particularly, KFB in the cup on next Wednesday.”


FC Udfordringen vs. S3 Men

Players: Aws Al-Nakeeb, Benjamin Busk, Ferdinand Glad Bach, Jacob Holm, Kristoffer Due Sørensen, Lars Tore By Vollset, Lasse Jessen, Mads Smergel, Mads Rasmus Fosgrau Steiner, Marco Singh, Peter Larsen, Santiago Ignacio d’Ornellas, Trieu Nguyen

End result: 5-0 defeat
MoM: Kristoffer Due-Sørensen


S4 Men vs. FA2000 8

Line-up: Renato – Joachim, Jonas, Christian, Emil – Edoardo, Christoph, Victor – Nicolaj, Caspar, Adam
Subs: Magnus, Martin, Carl

End Result: 3-2 (0-1) win
Goals: 1-2 Caspar (unassisted), 2-2 Caspar (assist: Adam), 3-2 Christoph (assist: Victor)
Cards: Emil (yellow)
MoM: Caspar Kuhnert

Coach Hashaam: “Our second home game for the season was bright and shiny for the length of the 90 minutes. We started off in control of the game but a slight slip up in the middle of the defense lead to an FA player coming 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper and finishing to put us behind 0-1. We regained control of the game but failed to convert our chances with CBS Sport being a goal behind at halftime. Halftime pep talks from the captain were aimed to get the boys motivated and keep going strong. Unfortunately, FA put the ball in the back of our net shortly after, due to a complete misread of the ball by our keeper. The boys then recollected themselves and started off strong, and a wonderful pass from Adam enabled Caspar to put in a wonderful finish and set the tone for an emphatic comeback for CBS Sport. Right after the goal, CBS Sport had a clear penalty shot which went unseen by the referee. The boys persisted in their efforts and Adam got the equalizing goal at around 85 minutes of game time. From there on CBS Sport pushed hard to claim the winner, which eventually came from a corner by Victor, turned into the back of the net by Chris. Thus we were able to make a glorious comeback from being 2-0 down at 65 minutes.”


Bk Rødovre 3 vs. S5 Men

Players: Anders Østerby Mønsted, Benjamin Johansen, Christoffer Herold Winther Jensen, Emil Juhl Madsen, Erik-Thomas von der Fehr, Frederick Skov, Frederik Holm Heiselberg, Mathias Hedberg, Morten Oddershede Jensen, Morten Spedtsberg-Andersen, Niclas Weihe, Søren Lundbæk Nielsen, Tobias Petersen, Victor Hassouna

End result: 0-7 win
Goals: Erik von der Fehr, Emil Juhl, Frederik Heiselberg, Niclas Weihe, Søren Lundbeck Nielsen (2) and Victor Hassouna.
Assists: Erik von der Fehr, Frederick Skov (3), Morten Oddershede, Søren Lundbeck Nielsen (and one by the Rødovre keeper).
MoM: Morten Oddershede


DØK Penetrators vs. Deportivo Monecristo

Players: Koll, Søgaard, CJ, Daniel Henriks, Daniel Voss, Jacob Rasmussen, Jannik Henriks, Rigbolt, Magee, Stricker

End result: 0-4 (0-1) defeat
MoM: Daniel Henriks


Klub 14 vs. Men (7.2)

Players: Anders Cruse, Calan Ewen-Smith, Christian Schøning, Kasper Schwartz Mikkelsen, Nicolai Delpierre, Rasmus Fosgaard

End result: 2-2 draw
Goals: Rasmus Fosgaard (2)
MoM: Rasmus Fosgaard

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