Football Report W19: No defeats and plenty of goals!

Nothing but points this week! Both the ladies and the men are on to 3rd round in the cup tournaments and a bunch of goals have been made this past week! Buckle up!

Cup Women: Bk. Skjold vs. CBS Sport

Line-up: Cecilie – Skov, Bryndís, Rakel, Chantal – Stone, Mia (C) – Caro, Laura, Katie – Marlen
Subs: Rolle, Mari, Kjældgaard
End result: 0-6 (0-1) win
Goals: 1-0 Mia (assist: Marlen), 2-0 Marlen (assist: Caro), 3-0 Marlen (assist: Bryndís), 4-0 Katie (assist: Caro), 5-0 Caro (assist: Laura), 6-0 Stone (assist: Marlen)
WoM: Skov

Jeppe’s comments: “Much like how Granada tried to rattle Barcelona on Saturday, Skjold must have understood what they were up against, as they had scheduled the match on a pitch that was about two week overdue it’s haircut.
The poor conditions meant CBS found it hard to execute the regular fast and flowing offensive play, and thus it was only 1-0 at halftime. The heat and consistent pressure of CBS slowly got the better of Skjold though, and the extra space was used well as CBS created 5 goals and had chances for even more.
The 6-0 goal deserves special mention as a quick passing move on the left was played to Stone who powered the ball in under the crossbar from 25 meters.
We will now be looking to carry the momentum into the league to end our two game run of defeats, as we take on Rødovre on Wednesday.”


Cup Men: CBS Sport vs. KFB

Line-up: Seibold – Dyhr, Gustav, Julius, Elsborg – Robin, Frederik N., Hundebøll – Leen, Loris, Tobias
Sub: Jonas, Mathias J and Nicklas
End result: 1-1 (1-1) – 6-5 (after penalty shootout) win
Goal: 1-1 Fred (penalty)
Penalty Shootout (KFB started): 2-2 Robin, 3-3 Fred, (Seibold saved a shot from KFB) 3-4 Loris, 4-5 Mathias, 5-6 Hunde
Cards: Gustav (2*yellow), Hunde (yellow)
MoM: N/A (they forgot to vote, but rumour has it that Seibold would’ve gotten it)

See the live-update on the fanpage here and here (penalty shootout)


S2 Men vs. Bk. Hekla

Players: Bastian, Casper Tønder Hauskov, Leen, Fred, Jonas Kaibinger, Mathias J, Nicklas, Robin, Simon Bilde, Tobias, Lund (GK)
Subs: Marco, Hunde
End result: 3-2 (0-1) win
Goals: Leen, Hunde, Nicklas
Cards: Jonas Kaibinger (yellow), Bilde (yellow – red)
MoM: Tobias


S4 Men vs. Nørrebro United 3

Players: Adam, Cesare, Christian Jaeger, Thøger, Christoph van de Sand, Edoardo Marangon, Joachim Satchwell, Sandal, Kevin Thrams, Nicolaj Rasmussen, Rasmus Skjold Nielsen, Renato Polucci (GK), Robert Sieg, Victor Valdemar Seby Skov
End result: 6-0 (2-0) win
Goals: 1-0 Sandal (assist: Kevin – on corner), 2-0 Joachim (assist: Adam – jumble after freekick), 3-0 Kevin (assist: Rasmus), 4-0 Rasmus (unassisted), 5-0 Robert (assist: Rasmus), 6-0 Adam (assist: Cesare)
MoM: Kevin and Rasmus

Hashaam’s comments: “CBS Sport were in high spirits coming up against Nørrebro United. We set up with a higher line to apply consistent pressure on the opponents. Our efforts paid off early as Jonas Sandal put in a thumping header from a wonderful cross by Kevin. Shortly after CBS Sport got a penalty, which was saved by the keeper. We had another big chance right away but somehow managed to put the ball over an open goal. Near to half time, our efforts paid dividends as Joachim smashed the ball into the back of the net. At half time we made changes to introduce fresh legs and upped the intensity. Shortly after Rasmus was able to find Kevin who beat his marker and put in a calm finish. We continued with the same intensity, and a mixup in the opponents box gave Rasmus the chance to put the ball in the back of the net.

Around the 80 minute marker, Robert got the better of the opponents and put in a brilliant finish. To top it all off, Adam came on from the bench and put another one past the opponent goalkeeper. It was the perfect scoreline to top off the perfect weather!”


S5 Men vs. PI Fodbold

Players: Anders Østerby Mønsted, Benjamin Johansen, Christoffer Herold Winther Jensen, Emil Juhl, Erik-Thomas von der Fehr, Frederick Skov, Frederik Holm Heiselberg, Mathias Hedberg, Morten Oddershede Jensen, Morten Spedtsberg-Andersen, Peter E. B. Nielsen, Rasmus Walther Jensen, Søren Lundbæk Nielsen, Tobias Petersen
End result: 2-2 draw
Goals: Emil Juhl (assist: Frederick Skov), Erik-Thomas (assist: Frederick Skov)
MoM: Mathias (GK)


Bk. Pioneren vs. Women (7)

Players: Birita, CC, Eva, Julie, Refvem, Malle, Nanna, Signe H., Simone, Tine
End result: 0-0 draw


Men 7.2 vs. HB 2

Players: Christian Schøning, Felix Strauss, Kasper Schwartz Mikkelsen, Kevin Chen, Mads Eghammer, Nicolai Delpierre, Rasmus Fosgaard Olsen
End result: 9-4 win
Goals: N/A
MoM: N/A