Football Report W20

KS Women vs. Rødovre

Line-up: Cecilie – Skov, Benno, Rakel, Chantal – Mia (C), Laura – Kjældgaard, Marlen, Caro – Malle
Subs: Pernille, Mari, Chris
End result: 3-0 (1-0) win
Goals: Marlen (penalty commited on Malle), Pernille (assist: Marlen), Marlen (unassisted)
WoM: Marlen

Coach Jeppe’s comment: “After a good performance in the cup the women were back in action against Rødovre in the league. Injuries and cancellations meant we had to call on help from the second team and fielded a midfield playing in unfamiliar positions.
Rødovre lined up in a 3-5-2 formation, which meant CBS Sport was allowed numerical superiority on the wings. It only took 15 minutes for us to start using this, and creating chances by using our fullbacks offensively in cooporation with the wings. With 1-0 at half time we wanted to keep up the tempo and, as seen against previous opponents, we slowly gained more space as the opponent grew tired. Disciplinary issues in the Rødovre side made things easier, as they got no less than 3 yellow cards. All in all this was a comfortable victory where CBS displayed the kind of play we’re looking for when executing our gameplan.”

Vanløse vs. KS Women

End result: 3-0 (CBS Sport couldn’t field a team) defeat


JIF Hakoah vs. S2 Men

Players: Anders Henneberg, Bastian, Fred, Leen, Gustav, Kaibinger, Julius, Robin, Hunde, Tobias, Lund (GK)
Subs: Anthon, Mathias, Nicklas
End result: 1-2 win
Goals: Gustav (assist: Mathias), Mathias (assist: Gustav)
MoM: Gustav

Reports tells us, that Gustav scored in the 90th minute on a rebound from the goalkeeper after blocking a shot from Mathias. Second goal came in overtime from Mathias on assist from Gustav. Great teamwork!


FA2000 vs. S2 Women

Line-up: Birita – Salma, Majbritt, Eline, Camilla – Kathrine (C), Chris – Kathrin, Ingrid, CC – Malle
Subs: Eva, Nanna
End result: 0-2 (0-1) win
Goals: CC (assist: Ingrid), Malle (direct on free kick)
Card: CC (yellow)
WoM: Majbritt, CC and Chris

Coach Jones’ comments: “We started of a bit weak, but worked our way into the match. First goal came with a breakthrough from Ingrid in left side, who made the assist to CC in the box, who executed! Second half wasn’t very exciting – FA didn’t get many chances, but CBS Sport didn’t produce many either. Halfway through second half, CBS Sport got a free kick, which Malle executed “gracefully” and made it 2-0. The rest of the match is quite uneventful, except for a wrongful yellow card to CC. Malle had gotten a warning from the ref for complaining, and when CC afterwards found herself complaining to the ref he counted it as a second time complianing and showed CC out for 10 minutes. The ref later on apologised for being mistaken. All in all, three good points, but FA2000 was a team we should’ve been looking stronger against. At the moment we hold 2nd palce and three clean sheets in four matches, so no complaining from here.”


S3 Men vs. KB 4

Players: Aws Al-Nakeeb, Benjamin Busk, Christoffer Grønager, Ferdinand Glad Bach, Jacob Holm, Kogulan Kugathasan, Lasse Jessen, Mads Smergel (GK), Mads Rasmus Fosgrau Steiner, Marco Singh, Peter Larsen, Santiago Ignacio d’Ornellas, Shea Gallup
End result: 0-4 defeat


ØKF 4 vs. S4 Men

Players: Adam, Christian Jaeger, Thøger, Christoph van de Sand, Christopher Klüter, Joachim Satchwell, Jonas Sandal, Kevin Thrams, Lars Tore By Vollset, Magnus Kjeldsen, Rasmus Skjold Nielsen, Renato Polucci (GK), Robert Sieg, Victor Valdemar Seby Skov
End result: 1-5 (0-2)
Goals: 0-1 Robert (assist: Victor), 0-2 Kevin (assist: Adam), 0-3 Adam (assist: Chris), 1-4 Kevin (unassisted), 1-5 Robert (unassisted)
MoM: Adam and Chris

Coach Hashaam’s comments: This time it was an away game for Mens 11.3 against ØKF, at Kløvermarken. CBS Sport started out strong but failed to convert from the opening couple of chances. Around the 25min mark we finally broke the deadlock when Robert slotted in a brilliant finish into the right corner. Shortly after, CBS Sport won a penalty, Kevin stepped up to take it but a fine save from the keeper denied him the goal. About 5 minutes away from half time, kevin found himself 1 on 1 against the keeper and put the ball past him. In the second half captain Adam was able to quickly convert on a fine pass by Chris, going past two players and putting in the finish. A fine strike from ØKF captain undid Renato in the goal and got the home team a goal. We replied shortly after however, when Kevin once again slotted in to put us up 4-1. The pace of the game got a bit slow at this point, however a double substitution from CBS Sport was able to up the intensity and Robert smashed in a beautiful shot for the 5th goal. It was a fine performance by the CBS Sport players on a wonderful summer evening.


SSB vs. S5 Men

End result: 0-3 (SSB couldn’t field a team) win


HB 6 vs. S5 Men

Players: Alex Hassouna, Anders Mønsted, Christoffer Herold Winther Jensen, Emil Juhl Madsen, Frederick Skov, Joachim Juul Høyer, Kasper Schøller Jacobsen, Michael Thomas, Morten Spedtsberg-Andersen, Niclas Weihe, Peter Mønsted, Søren Lundbæk Nielsen, Tobias Petersen, Victor Hassouna
End result: 2-1 (X-X) defeat
Goal: Peter Mønsted (assist: Tobias Pedersen)
MoM: Niclas Weihe


Sønderbro Fight vs. Women (7)

Players: Birita (GK), CC, Eva, Julie, Malle, Nanna, Signe, Simone Klint, Simone Ruhwald
End result: 1-4 (1-3)
Goals: Julie (assist: CC), Malle (unassisted), Malle (assist: Eva), Malle (unassisted)


DØK Penetrators vs. Østerbro IF 3

Players: Søgaard, CJ, Daniel Henriks, Jens Rosasco, Rigbolt, Brodersen, Magic, Morten Jensen, Stricker, Toke
End result: 4-13 (7-1) defeat
Goals: Jens (assist: Toke), Magee (assist: Toke), own goal (assist: Rigbolt), Rigbolt (assist: Daniel)
MoM: Brodersen


FB 8 vs. Men 7.2

Players: Christian Schøning, Felix Strauss, Kasper Schwartz Mikkelsen, Kevin Chen, Mads Eghammer, Nicolai Delpierre, Rasmus Fosgaard Olsen
End result: 7-0 defeat