Football W11.1 vs. FC Damsø

CBS Sport Football Women (KS) vs. FC Damsø
April 10th, 2016
Jens Jessens Vej

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Chantal – Rakel – Benno – Vallys
Midfiels: Marlen – Cirkel – Stone – Laura – Caro
Striker: Kiri
Subs: Ingrid, Chris (and My)

After a terrible last match of the pre-season, the team hoped for a win and thereby a good start of the season. Unfortunately a bunch of cancellations made it necessary to charm Ingrid and Chris from W11.2 to help us out – fortunately they were up for it!

Jeppe had made the usual preliminary talk and reminded us that Damsø usually provides us with close games. He instructed the offensive play to be patient and await Damsø until they got around the mid circle. As the warm-up progressed, My had the terrible unluck of getting a seriously strained ancle and was forced to watch the match from the sideline with ice on her foot..

In first half, CBS Sport more or less dominated the play.. Cecilie rarely touched the ball and had no major saves – whereas in the other end, Damsø’s goalkeeper was working quite hard. Unfortunately our finishes lacked that last tiny inch to get it in, so even though the attacks was a beautiful sight, the goals never came..

At the half time talk, Coach Jeppe adjusted the instruction, so that the offensive players would pressure Damsø earlier and not allow them to get halfway the pitch before putting them under pressure.

In second half, Vallys had to go, so Chris came in on the left back and Chantal took the right back. Damsø had made some changes as well, and for some reason it took the team some time to figure out how to deal with it and Damsø all of sudden got closer and closer to the CBS Sport goal. CBS Sport defense had some good clearings and Cecilie even curled a crazy ball away from goal and to a corner kick. CBS Sport still felt confident that a win was within reach, when Damsø’s most dangerous player of the day got within shooting range and executed. 0-1 for Damsø..

As seen in last season and in the pre-season CBS Sport has enough mental strenght to rise upon an opponent lead – and 15 minutes later (and several good CBS Sport chances later), Laura worked her way through the Damsø defense and left a beautiful pass for Marlen to finish! 1-1!

Fast forward to a corner kick in the opposite end, where commotion in the penalty box convinces the Damsø captain that they’d been robbed of a penalty and her frustrations clearly affected her team to be frustrated as well. This made (more) room for CBS Sport and on a corner kick by Laura, the ball deflected on Ingrid and ended at the feet of Cirkeline at the edge of the box and after a few similar chances, Cirkel was NOT gonna miss this one; 2-1!

The match ended shortly after and CBS Sport could leave the pitch as victors of the season’s first match and a good start!

End result: 2-1 (win!)
Goals: 1-1 Marlen (assist: Laura), 2-1 Cirkel (assist: Laura)
Woman of the Match: Chantal

Next match is Sunday the 17th of April against Amager FF at Amager.