Football Women (11) vs. Amager FF

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. Amager FF
Date: September 13th, 2015
Venue: JJV


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Rakel – Beno – Chris
Midfield: My – Mia – Laura – Stone – Caroline
Striker: Kiri

Subs: Hansen, Lisa, Kjældgaard

The match

CBS Sport vs. Amager FF

20′ Lisa in for Caro
35′ Mia gets taken down with a rough stamping, and Caro comes in for Mia.
40′ 0-1 After several free kicks on the edge of the box, Amager FF got a free kick; sent the ball towards goal where Cecilie called for it, but saw herself loosing the ball to a fast opponent who heads it in..
55′ Hansen comes in for Kiri, pushing Cirkeline up on right wing, and Lisa on top.
55′ Kjældgaard comes in for Beno
60′ Mia comes in for My, pushing Caro to the left wing.
65′ 0-2 A shot from the distance sails its way into the net..
75′ Kiri comes in for Cirkeline, pushing Lisa down on a right wing
85′ With only minutes left, Kiri makes a beautiful pass towards the far post, where both Laura and Lisa stands ready. Lisa stands back and Laura heads it in! 1-2
End of match
The aftermath

Result: 1-2 (defeat)
Goals: (1-2) Laura, assist Kiri
Woman of the Match: Cirkeline