Football Women (11) vs. Bk. Rødovre

Bk. Rødovre vs. CBS Sport Football Women (11)
Date: 5th of June 2015
Venue: Rødovre Stadium


A couple of minor injuries had the coaches (and team mates) holding their breaths, but luckily both Caro and Mia reported themselves ready for duty!

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Majbritt – Pernille – CC
Midfield: Caroline – Birgitte – Mia – Laura – Kiri
Striker: Lisa

Subs: Mari, Cecilie K, Hansen

The match

With the sun shining and loads of beer for celebrating several birthdays after the match, everyone was in an excellent mood and ready to play some nice football!

First half started out well, and after about 15 minutes play, Laura sent a great deep ball for Caro, which she went for – Rødovre’s goalkeeper came out far from the goal, and as Caro took a nice step passed her with the ball, she could easily put the ball cool into the net.

Five minutes later – as if Rødovre was still puzzled with the first goal – Laura and Caro just repeated their play and Caro could bump herself up to top scorer status and the score 0-2!

At this point, the two goal lead seemed a bit unreal – primarily because the goals were a bit bizarre and looked way too easy..

With 15 minutes left of first half, Kiri decided to give it a go from a distance of 25 metres – and SCORES! 0-3.

CBS Sport felt all on top of things, and Rødovre wasn’t really any huge chances – biggest chance so far had been a shot on the top post, that Cecilie secured. Nonetheless, Bk. Rødovre managed to fight their way to a corner, and as a disorientated Rødovre player managed to run straight into Cirkeline who was about to clear the ball, the referee decided to rule penalty.. Cirkeline was as confused as the rest of the team, as she didn’t feel that she could’ve done anything different, but the penalty was given, and it was up to Cecilie to keep the clean sheet.

As the Rødovre player stepped up to the ball, Cecilie had already decided to jump right – but as the shot was sent to kiss the inside of the left post, it was out of reach in the second it was taken. And the score was now 1-3..

Unnecessary, CBS Sport seemed a bit shaken upon the equalizer, and with 5 minutes to half time Bk. Rødovre got a free kick, and as CBS Sport found themselves unable to clear it, Rødovre makes it 2-3..

Just to add some extra excitement to the match, Kiri managed to get sent off with a 10 minutes suspension after complaining to the referee about a wrongful goal kick.. At least he allowed her to be mad on the way out and mumble even harsher things, than to begin with..

Second half wasn’t exactly pretty football all the way and Bk. Rødovre believed in getting a goal to the very end – unfortunately for them (and fortunate for CBS Sport) – their finishes were often poor and not even within the frame..

CBS Sport fought their way to many chances – especially Pernille had a great opportunity to raise CBS Sport’s goal difference further, but the shot went right past..

The aftermath

Coach Jeppe was a happy camper! This means that a win in the last match against Bk. Heimdal will give us promotion – if Nørrebro United even looses one of their two last matches, the first place is within reach! Either way a defeat is not an option!

Afterwards both the birthdays of Majbritt and Birgitte and the victory were celebrated until the employee from Rødovre Stadium kicked us out, and some even went out for pizzas afterwards. Indeed a good day!

Result: 2-3 (win!)
Goal: 0-1 Caro (assist: Laura), 0-2 Caro (assist: Laura), 0-3 Kiri (assist: Pernille)
Card: Kiri (yellow)
Woman of the Match: Laura