Football Women (11) vs. FC Damsø

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. FC Damsø
Date: 3rd of May 2015
Venue: JJV


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Birgitte – Majbritt – Pernille
Midfield: Caroline – Kathrine – Mia – Laura – Mie
Striker: Lisa

Subs: Mari, Kristie

Rikke unfortunately had to call in sick, but luckily we had a full bench to begin with, and two subs should do..

The match

We knew FC Damsø as a well organised team and after a unfortunate loss last season in KS, we were looking for revenge.

FC Damsø showed up with a bunch of familiar faces, but also a new coach and some unfamiliar faces – so it was quite exicting to see how the match would go.

CBS Sport started off very well and had listened and accepted Jeppe’s mantra of “keep the ball in your feet”, “pass it to your team mates’ feets”, “play it around, be patient”. With a few fallouts, this great play continued throughout the match and most of the time it was a pleasure to watch!

The first goal came 20 minutes in and was reported like this by Magic Magee on the sideline; “The stands erupt in a massive roar after Pernille Sandholdt shows overview as only #GULDALLAN can replicate. She finds Caroline Lemvigh who leaves the keeper with no chance of making a save. What a beauty!” – 1-0!

FC Damsø only had a few chances, among these 2 or 3 corners, but they never got really dangerous in first half. CBS Sport on the other hand was proving that Coach Jeppe’s tactic works and had the one great chance after the other! Unfortunately FC Damsø had brought a keeper who actually knew how to use her gloves and as the shots were often directly on the goalkeeper it rarely got really dangerous – but at least the Damsø defense could see themselves outplayed time after time and loose a bit confidence on that account.

In second half, CBS Sport played with head wind and towards the shining sun – but even though it didn’t take more than two minutes, before Mia was presented with a high way in the middle of the pitch, took it all the way and passed it to Laura in the right second, and Laura made sure to make it count! 2-0!

After this CBS Sport fell a bit in their offense and allowed themselves to feel a bit tired.. Fortunately FC Damsø didn’t manage to exploit this, and CBS Sport still had more chances and great plays that only was unsuccesful due to questionable off-side rulings and last minutes clearings and saves from the Damsø defense.

Damsø only had 2 or 3 chances in second half; a cross from the back line, that Cecilie could secure ON the line, and a minor screw-up in the defense, where a Damsø player was let through, but again Cecilie was ready and put a stop to the threat.

See the full live updates on the facebook page here and livescore (from CBS Sport) at

The aftermath

Coach Jeppe had the following comment after the match; “Great work! Although I think we should be getting more goals, the result was never in doubt and I’m very happy that we produced yet another clean sheet.”

Result: 2-0 (win!)
Goal: 1-0 Caro (assist: Pernille) 2-0 Laura (assist: Mia)
Woman of the Match: Mia