Football Women (11) vs. FC Damsø

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. FC Damsø
Date: October 4th, 2015
Venue: Frederiksberg IP


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: My – Rolle – Benno – Cirkel
Midfield: Marlen – Mia (C) – Caro – Lisa
Striker: Kiri

Sub(s): Lærke

The match

It seems as if nothing would really work in this match. Number of 100 % were extremely low, the offense took many unsuccesful runs and the match primarily just looked like a big mess.

In first half, FC Damsø managed (like a few time leading up to this) to outrun the defense, and all of a sudden a cross left Cirkel alone with two opponents on the right side of the goal, and despite Cirkel’s and Cecilie’s efforts, the goal seemed unavoidable. 0-1.

Second half was better, and when Coach Jeppe changed the formation half way through to a 4-4-2 is seemed like we got closer, but unfortunately not enough to get points.

The aftermath

The team feeling frustrated after the defeat, Coach Jeppe came with the following encouragement:

“Although it sucks to lose I think we can take away a few positives:

In the second half we managed to move the ball much quicker than in previous games, which gave us more space and allowed us to make our opponents run more than us.
We managed to increase the pressure throughout the second half, and created a number of chances. It’s no easy feat to keep fighting to create chances when things aren’t going our way, and it’s been something we’ve had a lot of trouble with in previous season.
Although it unfortunately didn’t result in a goal, we showed great improvement on both defensive and offensive set pieces.”
Next match, Wednesday, against Fremad Valby will show whether we can rise..

Result: 0-1 (defeat)
Goals: N/A
Woman of the Match: Anja