Football Women (11) vs. ØKF

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. ØKF
Date: 26th of April 2015
Venue: JJV


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Cirkeline – Rikke – Majbritt – Hansen
Midfield: Lisa – Birgitte – Mia – Kiri – Kristie
Striker: Malle

Subs: Astrid

The match

The match was neither pretty or exciting. A poor state of pitch (in the farest corner of JJV, aka. pitch no. 7) and a very undecisive referee (that also proved to have a fondness for ØKF corners) made it an unpleasant match both to play and watch..

CBS Sport had a bunch of great chances, and ØKF did what they could to exploit they’re corners, but nothing came out of it.

Kiri could only play first half, so in second half it was all up to the 11 on the pitch. Luckily ØKF looked more tired than CBS Sport and despite having subs on the side line, the ØKF coaches didn’t make any helping subs..

The most interesting thing happening in the match, was Birgitte getting her hand stepped on and almost blacking out – in a brief second their CBS Sport was a bit afraid of having to play the last ten minutes without the captain, but Birgitte toughened up and played on. And got several raised eyebrows after the match when she could show off her swollen, black and blue hand. The ref of course didn’t give any free kick on that one..

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The aftermath

Coach Jeppe was despite the result, quite happy. “I know it isn’t necessarilly much fun to play a 0-0 game with a few chances for either side, but this is the result we needed to ensure we stay in the race for promotion.”

Result: 0-0 (tie)
Goal: N/A
Woman of the Match: Astrid (with five votes) – runner-up was Malle (with two votes)