Football Women (11) vs. PI Fodbold

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. PI Fodbold
Date: 18th of April 2015
Venue: Valby


As Cecilie had other obligations, Eva stepped in – and after a great goalkeeper practice with Stefán, she was more than ready!

Goal: Eva
Defense: Cirkeline – Majbritt – Birgitte – CC
Midfield: Pernille – Kathrine – Mia – Laura – Caroline
Striker: Lisa

Subs: Kristie, Nathalie

The match

PI Fodbold vs. CBS Sport
4′ 0-1 CC (assist: Caro)
35′ 0-2 Caro (assist: Laura)
45′ 0-3 Pernille (assist: Mia)
Half time
55′ 0-4 Lisa (assist: Mia)
80′ 0-5 Kiri (assist: CC)
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The aftermath

Coach Jeppe was very pleased. “Everyone put in a solid performance and did their part to ensure a dominant victory. The fact that 7 [different players] got votes for player of the match shows just the kind of team performance it was.. If we play like this in every game we’ll be very hard to beat.”

Result: 0-5 (win!)
Goal: See above
Woman of the Match: Kathrine Stone