Football Women (11) vs. VLI

CBS Sport Football Women (11) vs. VLI
Date: 23rd of May 2015
Venue: JJV


With a lot of cancellations – especially from defensive players (inculding Majbritt, who agreed to leave her appointment early, to be at the match during first half) – it ended up being a very interesting line-up:

Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Mari – Kathrine – Cecilie K – CC
Midfield: Caroline – Mie – Mia – Kiri – Lisa
Striker: Malle

Subs: Kristie, Majbritt

The match

CBS Sport



0-1 A VLI-shot on the distance stails in..
Mia scores on assist from Kiri 1-1
Mie scores unassisted! 2-1
2-2 In the dying minutes, a ball is over
the backline – but as the CBS Sport
defense tries to avoid corner, a
kick back ends up serving as an
assist for VLI’s equalizer.
The aftermath

Coach Jeppe was not pleased, as yet another draw meant that the team is relying on other teams’ results with regards to promotion..

Result: 2-2 (draw)
Goal: 1-1 Mia (assist: Kiri), 2-1 Mie (unassisted)
Woman of the Match: Cecilie Kjældgaard