Football Women (7.1) vs. Sundby Bk.

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. Sundby Bk.
Date: 26th of April 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


It was planned for AM to take the goal in first half, and B in second – but as B had managed to pull something in her right thigh, she took the goal the whole match and just used her left leg for goal kicks – and did it well!

Furthermore Simone had gotten sick, so season start would be without subs..

Goal: B
Defense: Camilla – Maiken
Midfield: Kathrin – AM – Katie
Striker: Julie

The match

23′ 1-0 AM scores!
28′ 2-0 Katie crosses in and passes to Julie who makes it 2-0!
30′ 2-1 Sundby’s #8 equalizes with a nice shot; 2-1.
Half time
40′ 3-0 AM dribles the defense and manages one try before following up and scoring. 3-1!
See the live updates on the facebook page here.

The aftermath

Result: 3-1 (win!)
Goals: See above
Woman of the Match: Camilla