Football Women (7) vs. AC Iben

AC Iben vs. CBS Sport Football Women (7)

Date: 6th of May 2013
Venue: Kløvermarken


Goal: Sophie
Defense: Norge – Maiken
Midfield: CC – Birita – Cat
Striker: Julie
Subs: Refvem, Mo

Due to our good sized squad, today’s team consisted of a lot of players who hadn’t played Saturday and Sunday – again proving the worth of the 7-a-side. And even though the match was at the same time as practice, there were still enough players signed up to go through with practice. Good job, girls!

The match

Unfortunately the match turned out to be the first defeat for the 7-a-side team – but not without a fight.

CBS Sport played well, but were a bit unlucky with injuries: at the end of 1st half Birita took a ball directly in the face, forcing her to lie down on the side line for the rest of the match. If that wasn’t enough, Refvem managed to twist something in the start of 2nd half, leaving CBS Sport with no subs and forced full-time for the remaining ten.

The match ended 5-2, with the the first goal starting from a throwin into the middle of our field to Birita who turned and kicked a high ball up to Julie, who did the rest of the work sprinting towards the goal with the ball and scoring! Second goal was a pass from Cat to the middle of the field where there was some tackling between Julie, Mo and some defenders, whereafter Mo scored!

In retrospect

Is was great to see, that CBS Sport continues to score goals! So far we haven’t had a single match without at least one goal!

Sophie also had her debut on the team, taking the goal. After several years away from the goal, a first match with only 5 goals is quite acceptable.

Result: 5-2 (defeat)
Goal: 1-1: Julie (assist: Birita), X-2: Mo (assist: Cat)
Woman of the Match: Julie