Football Women (7) vs. B.1960 – Practice match

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. B.1960
Date: 24th of September 2014
Venue: Grønnemosen

B.1960 cancelled the ordinary tournament match, but was willing to take a practice match instead. Serie 2 has proven (yet again) to be packed with cancellations and withdrawned teams. But this time it was probably a good thing that B.1960 cancelled and gave a 3-0 victory to CBS Sport in the official table..


Nanna took the goal in first half, and Eva took it in second half.

Goal: Nanna
Defense: Signe – Camilla
Midfield: Bianca – Eva – Kristie
Striker: Julie

Subs: Nathalie

The match

CBS Sport goal was quite a sensation as two of the comebacks of the season was the creators: Signe sends a ball to Eva who dribles a few opponents before finishing on the distance; nicely done! 1-0!

B.1960 equalizer comes after a corner where a ball gets cleared out to an opponent at the edge of the box, who kicks it in.

In second half a miscommunication between Eva in the goal and Nanna in the defense means that Nanna sends a short goal kick back to Eva who is not ready and a striker stealls the ball and scores one-on-one against Eva..

The aftermatch

Result: 2-1 (defeat)
Goal: 1-1 Eva (assist: Signe)
Woman of the Match: Eva and Signe