Football Women (7) vs. Bk. Fix

Bk. Fix vs. CBS Sport Football Women (7)
Date: June 2nd, 2014
Venue: Pilesvinget, Brønshøj


Bianca Knudsen Solveig
Cat Maiken
Blok (GK)
Subs: Nat, Karina Ildor

1st half

As the pitch was quite small, Coach Jones encouraged to shot whenever being on the opponents half – no matter where and how. Especially Bianca and Knudsen took this serious and was trying their luck throughout the match.

To begin with the match was a lot back and forth, with the majority of the play in the feet of CBS Sport. After about 10 minutes of 1st half the goals started to show and within the next 20 minutes five goals where scored; 2 for Bk. Fix and 3 for CBS Sport. First CBS Sport goal being a pass from Katie to Bianca who gave it another try on the distance, and scored! Second goal, was a pass from the defense to Knudsen who took it to the goal and scored! Third CBS Sport goal was a pass from Knudsen to Nat; 5-2! CBS Sport could thereby go to half time with a lead.

2nd half

In the break the team talked more about shooting whenever the chance was there, and Karina was sent on the pitch for her comeback. Coach Jones later said that “despite a little rust, she delievered a good match.”

2nd half started a bit like 1st half; without any goals in the first 10 minutes. But then CBS Sport’s play started to pay off and Solveig scored a great goal on a beautiful cross from Bianca and Cat cemented the victory with a goal on a corner kick that ended in some scramble in front of goal, got back to Bianca who made a nice pass to Cat. 5-2 and a good match resulting in CBS Sport’s first victory this spring season. Bianca got a deserved Woman of the Match title, with her goal and two great assists.

In retrospect

The result means that there’s still a chance of avoiding relegation – and if not that, the last match will be about not ending last.

Result: 5-2 (victory!)
Goals: Bianca (assist: Katie), Knudsen (assist: Maiken), Nat (assist: Knudsen), Solveig (assist: Bianca), Cat (assist: Bianca)
Woman of the Match: Bianca