Football Women (7) vs. FC Culpa

FC Culpa vs. CBS Sport Football Women (7)

Date: 22nd of April 2013
Venue: Valby


Goal: Birita
Defense: Norge – Signe
Midfield: Michelle – Birgitte – Lidegaard
Striker: Julie
Subs: Hansen, CC, Camilla

1st half

After only 4 minutes, FC Culpa gets a free run towards goal and scores. About half way through the 1st half, FC Culpa manages to make use of hands in the box resulting in a penalty, which Birgitte takes without hesitation: 1-1.

Just before half time, Birgitte moves the ball forward, passes to Michelle in the left side who instinctively scores at her first chance – a 2-1 lead at half time!

2nd half

Again FC Culpa manages to score right in the beginning of the half – unfortunately they managed to make use of Signe in the defense, as the ball hit her leg before going into the goal. 2-2.

Just before the final whistle Birgitte takes a free kick that goes straight to the goalkeeper, who doesn’t manage to hold it and gets lessoned by CC who puts the rebound in the goal!

In retrospect

It was showing a bit, that CBS Sport Football Women had matches three days in a row, but even though CBS Sport managed to take home a win – evidence of great morality!

Furthermore, Signe Pedersen had a great and well-deserved comeback on the pitch after too many seasons away!

Result: 3-2 (WIN!)
Goals: Birgitte (P), Michelle (assist: Birgitte), CC (assist: Birgitte)
Woman of the Match: Michelle

Finally, a BIG thanks to all the spectators – especially Eva who made sure to note all goals and assists!