Football Women (7) vs. FC Pharma

FC Pharma vs. CBS Sport Football Women (7)

Date: 21st of May 2013
Venue: Kløvermarken


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: B (C) – Maiken
Midfield: Sophie – Ellen – Camilla
Striker: Julie
Subs: Norge, Luffe, Laura

A terrible rainy day and an opponent that had no balls for our warm-up.. Quite annoying conditions, but nothing we would let us get effected by.

1st half

Unfortunately it didn’t take more than 30 seconds before CBS Sport could collect the ball from own net. From the first whistle FC Pharma put on speed, outran Camilla, made a bad pass that bounced of B to an opponent who outran Maiken and finished nicely into the goal where Cecilie were just those crucial seconds too late in her move. 1-0 in favour of FC Pharma.

CBS Sport quite fast recovered from the quite chocking start and put a lot of pressure on FC Pharma, who – a bit unusually subbed VERY frequently, giving them trouble in knowing positions and revealing to us that they were exhausted.

Most of 1st half all the play was on FC Pharma’s half and gave their goalkeeper a chance to take goal kicks several times – only when playing fast balls up to their striker, they were a bit dangerous, but nothing that the defense couldn’t handle.

At the end of 1st half the CBS Sport goal finally came; a nice goal scored by Ellen! 1-1!

2nd half

In the half time Coach Hejsel encouraged us to shoot more, and the spectators reminded us to make sure to take the ball whenever it crossed the side line, as the referee was terrible and seemed to be giving throw in’s to however took the ball – or whoever he thought had “the turn”, it seemed.

CBS Sport made sure to enter the pitch fast and not letting FC Pharma get too much time to catch their breath.

2nd half started of alright, but not as good-looking as 1st half. FC Pharma had more ball possession than they deserved.

FC Pharma’s second goal came on a messy corner, where Cecilie showed of her lacking skills in “boxing” the ball away, as she just stopped the ball with flat hands resulting in the ball getting in to play again – then another equally “save” getting it into play again – and third time was a charm for FC Pharma and they got the ball passed Cecilie. 2-1 for Pharma.

Generally the referee was awful; several times he was in the way – not looking like he really wanted to be bothered to move, like mentioned above he randomly “picked” who was to take the throw-in, and he managed to rule a free kick against Cecilie after she cleared a ball outside the box – getting the ball and not touching the opponent (unlike 10 minutes before in an equal position where she took down an opponent – and apologized) – the reason; “dangerous play”.

Last goal came at the end, where CBS Sport seemed to be a little bit behind in ther coverings leaving space for FC Pharma to score another goal..

In retrospect

Coach Hejsel talked about not having the margins with us in this match – but it was obvious to see, that we should’ve been the winning team.. Even FC Pharma told Captain B, that they shouldn’t have won.

Thank you to all the spectators who defied the weather and gave us all the support we could wish for – next time, we’ll be sure to give you a win in return!

Finally a big welcome to Laura Skøt and Sandra Luffe who made their debuts on the team, and also a high-five for Maiken and Camilla who for the first time in years was on the pitch at the same time! Twin POWER!

Result: 3-1 (defeat)
Goal: 1-1: Ellen (assist: ?)
Woman of the Match: B