Football Women (7) vs. FC Spark

Football Women (7) vs. FC Spark

Date: April 26, 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

Second 7v7 match of the season was on home pitch and the great weather meant a bunch of supporters ready to cheer the ladies on.


Ditte (GK)
Blok (CD) Camilla Borg (CD)
Maiken (MF) Kiri (MF) Katie (MF)
Monica (ST)

Subs: Solveig

1st half

The start was horrible and CBS Sport got behind with two goals within ten minutes; the first goal, was a ball that went through Ditte’s legs and the other goal, was a ball that was cleared but hit an opponent and bounced into the goal. After this, CBS Sport gets a better grip on the match and has some good shot from the distance. Ie. Monica had a shot hitting to bar!

2nd half

In second half, Blok took the goal and Ditte her defense position and overall the second half started much better and with CBS Sport in control.

A lot of good chances were created, but all of them lacked that final touch. Kiri was the scorer of CBS Sport’s one goal, with a long shot only 5 metres in on Spark’s half. In the end, CBS Sport gambles and plays very offensive football, which unfortunately results in a counter attack and a goal to the end result: 1-3.

In retrospect

Coach Jonas felt that the team needs to be more ready from the first whistle and takes some of the “blame” himself and hopes to be better to get the team 100% ready! There’s no fun in getting behind and being forced to chase goals throughout the match.

Result: 1-3 (defeat)
Goals: Kiri (unassisted)
Woman of the Match: Katie