Football Women (7) vs. Fremad Valby

Football Women (7) vs. Fremad Valby

Date: 10th of May, 2014
Venue: JJV

1-3 defeat against Fremad Valby


Katie (GK)
Julia (VB) Mia (CD) Michelle (CD) Ditte (HB)
Ingrid (CM) Maiken (CM)
Birita (ST)

Subs: Camilla, Solveig

The match

‘1: Katie scores on assist from Mia
‘4: Julia goes out, Solveig comes in
‘9: Katie with a big double chance!
’11 Indirect free kick for CBS Sport – no goal..
’13: Great try from Mia
’13: Valby shoots a free kick. Birita saves.
’15: Ditte goes out, Camilla comes in
’16: Corner kick for CBS Sport
’17: Solveig goes out, Julia comes in
’17: A good pass from Mia to Solveig – the goalkeeper fumbles it out to corner
’18: Good save from Birita
’19: A free kick from Valby gets fisted out by Birita. Mia and Katie makes a great 1-2 run for goal, but the goalkeeper saves
’21: Katie goes out, Ditte comes in
’25: Good chance for Maiken on a pass from Ditte
’26: Good save from Birita on a counter attack
’27: Yellow card for Julia after a hard tackle
Half time
’31: Own goal by Mia. 1-1.
’32: CBS Sport is at full number again
’34: Good chance for Camilla on a pass from Mia
’38: Ingrid tries, but shoots past.
’40: Good save from Birita
’42: Big chance for CBS!
’45: Good chance for Valby goes past.
’49: Great chance for Valby after defensive failure
’50: Free kick for CBS
’50: Ditte goes for goal, but shoots right past.
’52: Valby gets a good chance on a header
’57: Valby scores, right after two good chances to resp. Katie (1’on’1 with the goalkeeper) and Mia. 1-2.
’58: Big chance to Katie on a beautiful pass from Mia
’59: Good chance to Maiken
’60: Valby messes with the defence and scores. 1-3.
’61: End of CBS Sport vs. Fremad Valby