Football Women (7) vs. Nørrebro United

CBS Sport Football Women (7) vs. Nørrebro United
Date: June 14th, 2014
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej


With Valby Bk. winning their last match, CBS Sport couldn’t prevent relegation, but could play for the victory and for not ending last – and as the match was prior to the big End of Season Party for both teams, the support was ready on the sideline!
Bianca Knudsen Katie
Birita Maiken
Nanna (GK)

Subs: Nat, Cat

The match

Despite great team spirit, “new” player clothes, a returning super striker from last season and a bunch of happy supporters in the sun, CBS Sport just couldn’t get the ball in the goal.

At the end of second half however, Nørrebro United managed to get passed Nanna in the goal who was caught on the wrong foot. 0-1.

In second half Knudsen took the goal, so Nanna could get in the field. CBS Sport continued their pressure and for the majority of the match they controlled the match and created big chances, both to Birita and to Nanna who at a corner kick took the run from the defense all the way up screaming from the ball; totally uncovered (despite announcing her coming) she got a nice header on the ball, but unfortunately it was saved.

Nonetheless, the match ended 0-1 and CBS Sport ended their season in Serie 1 ranked last with one victory, 2 draws and five defeats.. Bummer! But relegation to serie 2 hopefully means more goals, more CBS Sport play and more fun! 🙂

In retrospect

After being on exchange in the US, Julie returned to find herself in the starting line-up – and it kinda showed, that US didn’t include that most soccer 😉 But it was a great return, and the entire team did a great job! This was also Nat’s last match before returning to Australia – Thank you for a great season!

Result: 0-1 (defeat)
Woman of the Match: Cat

As Katie said; “we had fun and an excellent cheering section!”

See you all next season – Serie 2 never saw what hit them!