Football Women (7) vs. Nørrebro United

Nørrebro United vs. CBS Sport

Venue: Mimersparken
Date: 25th of August 2013

This warm August Sunday, CBS Sport was ready to take on the fall season. Coach Jonas had already made a bit of spying and told that Nørrebro United had been unable to score, but looked good at keeping the ball in their feet.


Goal: Cecilie
Defense: Maiken – Brunsgaard
Midfield: Birgitte – CC – Bea
Striker: Julie

Subs: Camilla Borg, Nanna

1st half

CBS Sport had the majority of the play in first half and mainly the upper hand. Nørrebro United had some good plays up the pitch, but the defense was good at closing down. The biggest Nørrebro United chance in first half, was a fast ball up the middle, ending with a one-on-one with Cecilie, who got the ball out for a corner kick.

CBS Sport had loads of chances and good attempts on goal, but the goal came a bit unexpected, after Birgitte more or less stole a ball from a Nørrebro United player and sent it directly towards goal and scored unassisted!

2nd half

In second half, Nørrebro United came to one or two decent chances, giving them the feeling of more control – as well as CBS Sport started to look a little bit tired and lacked some concentration in some of the passes.

Nevertheless, second half ended without any goals. CBS Sport had – again – good attempts, but unfortunately no goals.

In retrospect

It was a good looking start, that showed good control of the play and more or less no hesitation with regards to make an attempt on the goal. Now all we need is the attempts to become goals.

As a final note, we are also happy to have Nanna back after almost a year’s abscense after her injury in the fatal Fremad Amager match in September 2012. To “give” her a “Welcome Back”-victory felt good!

Result: 1-0 WIN!
Goals: Birgitte (unassisted)
Woman of the Match: Bea