Football Women – A messy match with a deserved win!

CBS Sport Football Women vs. ØKF

Date: 20th of October 2013
Venue: Jens Jessens Vej

Second last match of the season was a possibility to keep in the run for promotion and was against long time rival ØKF.


Goal: Cecilie
Defence: Nanna – Michelle – Darija – Signe Bang
Midfield: Bea – Birgitte (C) – Anne-Mette – Malle – Pernille
Striker: Monica
Subs: Nathalie, Laura, Katie

The match

Coach Jeppe predicted a quite messy match, based on previous matches against them and the matches of the season he’d seen. So he enhanced the importance of playing OUR play and keeping the ball.

1st half

First part of 1st half was indeed messy. A lot of long balls, and only a few chances – at least mainly in front of ØKF’s goal.. ØKF actually only looked a bit dangerous, after an opponent won an infight with Darija and looked as if she would go one-on-one with Cecilie. But Darija got back and won the ball back before it got really dangerous.

Second part of 1st half started to look much better and CBS Sport got better play and better chances – but unfortunately nothging that paid off.

Closer to end of 1st half, Michelle was taken down and had to be subbed due to the stroke – so Pernille was moved down in central defence.

1st half ended without any goals: 0-0.

2nd half

The start of second half was almost a copy of first, but at least not as bad. About 10 minutes in, Birgitte had a great shot from the distance that unfortunately was blocked by the goalkeeper. Bea was fast on the rebound and almost got it, but unfortunately the goalkeeper ended up getting injured.

As it was the goalkeepers head and therefore maybe also her neck, an ambulance was called, meaning half an hour stop in the match.

After getting the goalkeeper off the pitch and to the hospital, the match continued. The pause meant cold and stiff muscles for all players, so it took a while for the play to get going.

Half way through 2nd half, Nanna had a pass back to Cecilie, which she tried to pass back to Nanna again. Unfortunately the pass ended at the feet of an opponent meaning that Cecilie had to make, what looked like her only “real” goalkeeper action in this match, as she messed up what could’ve been a 100% chance for ØKF – only suitable that she cleaned up her own mess.

With about 15 minutes left, Darija took the matter into own feet and took the run from central defence all the way through the ØKF defence, serving the ball for Bea who scored! What a relief! – and well deserved!

Furthermore Anne-Mette had a great attempt, and Malle as well – but unfortunately no more goals were scored.

With only minutes left of the match, Michelle was again taken down with a punch to her head. Again she was taken of the pitch – this time seeing stars and being very groggy.

Throughout the match even Monica, Nanna and Darija got taken down, but at least not something that seemed all too bad.

The match ended a bit more than two hours after match start, with the end result: 1-0 and VICTORY for CBS Sport. This means, that we’re number two with 19 points – 2 points after KFB on the 1st place.

In retrospect

Overall the match was a crazy match! Despite not being a particular physical or hard match, it just seemed like too many accidents were lined up to happen.

All of our best wishes of quick recovery to the ØKF goalkeeper and our own Michelle.

And finally a BIG THANKS to all the spectators who patiently stayed to the final whistle in spite of the big pause!

End result: 1-0 (WIN!)
Goal: Bea (assist: Darija)
Woman of the Match: Anne-Mette, Pernille and Katie – a tie with three votes each!

For the Fantasy Football, Coach Jeppe chose Pernille as Woman of the Match.

Next match

Next and final match is Sunday the 27th, 11:45 in Fælledparken, where we face Bk. Heimdal. Three teams; KFB, CBS Sport and AB Tårnby are playing for promotion to KøbenhavnerSerien. With a win, CBS Sport is secured promotion as either 2nd or 1st, with a draw or a loss, CBS Sport is depending on AB Tårnby loosing their match against Hvidovre. Very exciting, very exciting indeed! We hope to see a lot of spectators again and will of course be serving beers and cake!