Football Women – A new coach and a bunch of new players

CBS Sport Football Women’s 7-a-side team had a decent season, but unfortunately with a lot of cancelled matches.

Last season CBS Sport Football Women’s 7-a-side team got their promotion ending number 2 in Serie 2.

The fall season started off with a brand new coach; Jonas Jensen, who was up for the challenge after Coach Hejsel resigned.

At season start the squad wasn’t as big as necessary for the season, but as we’ve learnt from the past years, a lot of new players would come during September – which they very much did. In the five matches played, 24 different players got time on the pitch, whereof 10 was new players.

Fall 2013

The team was up for a good start, as Nørrebro Bk. was defeated 1-0 and giving playing time to Nanna after a long injury break. As seen before, the ability to score on the chances was an issue, which also gave the first loss to Bk. Rikken.

Next match was a win against Valby Bk. with 2-0. Unfortunately a lot of CBS Sport’s matches was cancelled (4 out of 9 to be specific), meaning that the 7-a-side team didn’t have their next match until the start of October. And to make things worse, the match was on the same day as the 11-a-side match against Bk. Fix. This of course caused some difficulties, and CBS Sport got quite a beating against HB. The match ended 5-0, but given that there were four debutants on the pitch it was a fair outcome and Coach Jonas and the team could take a lot with them from the match.

The last match was against ØKF, who the team really hoped to win against. Unfortunately the match ended 2-1, but it was great to see how the team had already developed a lot.

Almost promotion

Despite only winning two of the five played matches, technicalities meant that the team got a third place and almost secured the promotion to Mesterrækken. But with the aim of the 7-a-side team; Serie 1 is quite suitable – given that the other teams does not cancel or withdraw their teams.

Overall the 7-a-side team has worked perfect and just as intended, as a lot of new players and players coming back from injury breaks got their debute on the team and some players even later got their debute on the 11-a-side team.

Thank you all for a great season, and a big thanks to Coach Jonas for taking up the challenge and being a lot at the practices as well, helping Coach Jeppe out and getting to know all the players! We look forward to the spring season!